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Bretman Rock: Quarantine Hair-Dye Devotee

While sheltering-in-place at home in Hawaii, Rock has taken to dyeing his hair a new color each week.

Bretman Rock wants to talk about plants. But today, the topic of conversation is…his hair.

While sheltering-in-place at home in Hawaii, Rock has taken to dyeing his hair a new color each week of quarantine. First, he tried out gray. Then yellow, then pink. Then pink-purple. Then purple. Now, it’s blue.

“We’re all stuck at home and if I [mess] it up, it’s OK because no one’s gonna see me,” Rock said. “As cliché as it sounds, it brings so much color into my life and the way I dress. Blue hair doesn’t really match with me wearing all black or all white — that’s all I wear. Now that I have colored hair, it makes me want to play with more color in my wardrobe.”

Rock’s experimentation with hair dye is emblematic of a larger trend among beauty consumers during the coronavirus. Hair color was the fastest-growing e-commerce beauty segment in March, up 192 percent, according to data from The NPD Group.

After bleaching his hair twice, Rock began applying colored hair masks sent to him by the brand Fanola. The masks are meant to preserve the color of already-dyed hair, but Rock has been using them to dye his hair various colors.

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“She’s thriving, my hair,” he said.

In February, Wet ‘n’ Wild released a collaboration with Rock at Ulta and 20,000 stores globally, in addition to online. The Jungle Rock Beauty Collection ranged in price from $4.99 for a lip gloss to $14.99 for a 15-pan eyeshadow palette.

According to industry sources, the line raked in $480,000 at Ulta with a sell-through rate of 73 percent.


Rock further channeled his Jungle Rock collection by building out “a whole jungle” on the balcony of his home, a pond in his backyard and most recently, a vegetable garden. He has also been discovering new beauty products, including a “cute powder SPF” by Tarte.

“Miss Quarantina really let me focus on my skin care,” Rock said, referring to the quarantine. “I’ve been doing nothing but drinking water because I really have nothing else in my fridge right now. I feel like I’m just on top of everything because I have nothing else to do.”

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