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The Hoodwitch Teams With Smashbox on Crystal Collection

The seven-piece line of crystal-infused makeup, inspired by Bri Luna's work with rituals, adds to beauty's fixation with crystals.

A new collection from Smashbox carries witchy undertones.

The cosmetics company’s latest collaborator is Bri Luna, founder of popular modern mystics web site The Hoodwitch. Today, Smashbox and Luna unveiled The Crystalized Collection, a seven-piece line of crystal-infused makeup products, inspired by Luna’s work with rituals, that adds to beauty’s increasing fixation with crystals.

“We’re having this resurgence in spirituality with crystals and alternative forms of healing, but when you think about it, these are things that have always been relevant in the beauty industry,” Luna said. “You’re going back to the real origins of cosmetics being formed from minerals and crystals and using them as a form of adornment. I don’t find it to be trendy or new.”

The Hoodwitch Teams With Smashbox on
The Crystalized Highlighter, $39, from Smashbox x The Hoodwitch. Courtesy Image

The collection consists of a primer water, $32; a primerizer, $42; shimmer drops, $25; lip gloss, $19; a highlighter, $39; liquid eye shadow, $24, and an eye palette, $29. All of the products are crystal-infused and draw from Luna’s career as a witch.

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“[The collection includes] things that Bri herself would wear and things that were complementary to what has not been offered from a makeup standpoint,” said Lori Taylor, Smashbox’s global pro lead artist. “What you get is this gorgeous amalgamation of things that are skin-loving and radiant and glowing — almost like you’re creating your own specialized aura for your skin.”

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“It’s so important right now to bring positivity into the world,” added Nina Van Arsdale, executive director of global communications at Smashbox. “This is a really good representation of everything. It’s beautiful, it has meaning behind it. The intentions are so positive.”

The Crystalized Collection is Luna’s first makeup collaboration. Prior to creating The Hoodwitch, she went to school to learn how to do special effects makeup and worked as a makeup artist for five years. She is also a licensed aesthetician.

“I’ve always been in love with the art of transformation in beauty and the intersection between ritual and magic and beauty,” Luna said. “I really enjoy studying art and cosmetics. It’s a huge part of my life.”

The Crystalized Collection is available now via Ulta and

Crystals are a rising trend in the beauty industry. To learn more about it, watch YouTuber Bretman Rock take WWD crystal shopping at one of Los Angeles’ most popular crystal spots.

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