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Butter London and Shoes of Prey Partner on Nail Polishes

The polishes inspired by fabrics will launch at Nordstrom to coincide with the department store's anniversary sale.

Fingers and feet have a new cause for commonality: nail lacquer purveyor Butter London and custom shoe brand Shoes of Prey have collaborated on six limited-edition nail polishes launching next month.

The polish colors and textures were chosen to complement fabrics used in Shoes of Prey’s fall collection, and shade names such as Bossy Boots, Flat Out Fabulous and Stiletto Strut refer to styles the footwear brand offers. Assembled together in a package reminiscent of Shoes of Prey’s shoebox, the polishes are priced at $39 and are expected to be available until September or October.

“It’s not necessarily a strategy of ours to do tons of collaborations. There are brands that do them well and quite often. For us, it’s about finding the right brand collaboration that’s going to be a positive endeavor on both sides because we share similar aesthetics, and a prestige, elevated positioning,” said Sarina Godin, president of Butter London. Jodie Fox, chief creative officer and cofounder of Shoes of Prey, elaborated that the collaboration would “give our customers the unique opportunity to add another dimension to their fall outfits by color coordinating their shoes and manicures and pedicures with our curated trend colors for the season.”

Befitting a collaboration that’s being housed at Nordstrom, Godin and Fox met and hit it off last year at a Nordstrom Trend Show. “We talked about the trials and tribulations of growing a small brand, and we thought it could be an interesting tie-in to do something together,” Godin recounted. The creative process that unfolded after the initial meeting went smoothly. “Sometimes with bigger brands there is a lot of red tape, but there weren’t a lot of layers in terms of getting approvals,” she said. “They sent us storyboards of what they were working on, and we sent them shade ideas. We were able to get it done quickly without too many roadblocks in the way.”

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Godin explained Shoes of Prey and Butter London were careful to provide a broad shade range among the six polishes. “People are more experimental on toes than fingers. We see brighter colors and more shimmer on the toes, and the trend on the nails is more nudes and even taupe-y grays. That’s why the collection has a little bit of everything,” she said. “You can wear a more nude shade on your fingers and, if you want to get more experimental on your toes, you can do that.”

Two of Godin’s favorite polishes from the collaboration lineup are Dancing Shoes and Smoking Slippers. To devise Dancing Shoes, Butter London pulled from a fabric that appeared covered in pressed sequins. The polish has a chocolate brown base infused with shimmering bronze glitter. Smoking Slippers replicates dark teal velvet. “It almost has a blackness to it, so it looks super rich,” Godin said.

The polishes will sell at Nordstrom’s beauty departments, and there will also be signage in Shoes of Prey’s in-store boutiques at select Nordstrom locations highlighting them. Their launch is scheduled to coincide with Nordstrom’s anniversary sale beginning for Nordstrom cardholders on July 14 to July 21, and running from July 22 to Aug. 7 for the general shopping public.

Godin’s goal for the collaboration is to draw customers to her brand and to Shoes of Prey. “It helps to share the love with a small brand trying to build. Our number-one challenge is awareness, so working with another brand gives us an opportunity to share Butter London with a new customer that might be interested in the brand based on the demographic of a partner we are collaborating with,” she said. “We hope to open people’s eyes to a new possibility for lacquers that they might not have known before. We want to add value, and an interesting new approach to the products they are buying.”