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By the Numbers: 2023’s Top Ingredients

Today’s mindful consumers are building skin care regimens around holy grail ingredients, above all else.

Consumer’s quest for skin care knowledge shows no signs of slowing, as evidenced by the continued increase in ingredient search.

Per Trendalytics, leading today’s rising crop of ingredients are copper peptides, which garner an average of 4,000 weekly searches (an 81 percent increase versus last year), and amino acid L-glutamine, which garners 52,000 weekly searches a 78 percent increase versus last year, fueled by the ever-growing wellness movement.  

In addition to emerging ingredients, Trendalytics also identified ingredients which are “safe bets,” i.e., more established ingredients it predicts will continue to dominate beauty in 2023, including K beauty all-star snail mucin, which garners a weekly average of 1,300 searches, a 134 percent increase versus last year. 

While many “safe bets” have managed to sustain steady growth by way of search volume, social media engagement for snail mucin and pro-retinol has decreased by a respective 23 and 25 percent in 2022 telling declines, considering both were resident crown jewels of SkinTok not long ago. 

Here, the top emerging and “safe bet” beauty ingredient trends of 2023, respectively, as predicted by Trendalytics based on search volume. 

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  1. Copper peptides: +81% vs. last year
  2. L-Glutamine: +78% vs. last year
  3. Mamey sapote: +31% vs. last year
  4. Kojic acid: +34% vs. last year
  5. Tripeptides: +6% vs. last year
  6. Microalgae: +14% vs. last year
  7. Alkaline water: +9% vs. last year

Safe bets:

  1. Winter cherry: +201% vs. last year
  2. Snail mucin: +134% vs. last year
  3. Polyglutamic acid: +83% vs. last year
  4. Rosemary oil: +111% vs. last year
  5. Pro-retinol: +96% vs. last year
  6. Tremella mushroom: +87% vs. last year
  7. Ceramide: +27% vs. last year



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