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By the Numbers: Beauty’s At-Home Ascent

Housebound consumers turn more to DIY treatments, data shows.

DIY Beauty is on the upswing. According to search data from Spate, DIY is being searched across product categories, up 44 percent from February to March. Searches for tanning oil have taken the lead, showing an explosion of over 11,805.3 percent. Further search data points towards DIY beauty mainstays — namely masks and manicures — holding strong, too. More contemporary trends, like body wraps and lip plumpers, are joining the ranks as well. Week-over-week sales data from IRI confirms consumers are putting their money where their mouth is, as the statistics show below.


1. Tanning Oil/Lotion
Search: +11,805.3%
Sales: +62.2%

2. Body Wrap
Search: +2,454.5%
Sales: +7.3%

3. Manicure
Search: +733%
Sales: +4.4%

4. Acrylic Nail
Search: +219%
Sales: +2.6%

5. Hair Bleach
Search: +141%
Sales: +6.0%

6. Nail Polish Remover
Search: +124%
Sales: -7.7%

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7. Wax Strips
Search: +99%
Sales: +5.6%

8. Hair Mask
Search: +44%
Sales: +1.6%

9. Face Wash
Search: +30%
Sales: +5.1%

10. Lip Plumper
Search: +24%
Sales: +6.8%


Search Data: Spate for Month-Over-Month ending March 2020
Sales Data: IRI for Week-Over-Week ending April 26, 2020