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By the Numbers: Softening Declines in the Mass Market

New numbers from IRI show softening declines in key color categories.

Mass-market color cosmetics was one of the hardest-hit categories in the coronavirus pandemic, but recent figures from IRI should that different segments are slowly rebounding. Eye makeup is inching back, and foundation and concealer showed lower decreases than previously tracked. Lip products, which have faced drops in sales and relevance in the era of the face mask, even saw a slight slowdown in sales declines.

Other market strongholds, like body care and skin care, saw accelerated growth. Face antiaging, which showed a minor year-over-year decline in July, is on the upswing, and moisturizers grew from 18 percent growth to more than 20 percent. In the top spots are hygiene products. Here, see sales by category from IRI, ranked by sales growth as of Sept. 22.

Hand sanitizer: +418.6% to +412.2%
Liquid hand soap: +72.3% to +50.3%
Moisturizers: +18.0% to +20.1%
Heavy-duty hand cleaner: +7.5% to +13.9%
Nail polish: +17.5% to +12.7%
False Eyelashes and adhesives: +3.9% to +9.7%
Cleanser: +3.9% to +2.9%
Face Antiaging: -1.5% to +1.4%
Lip Gloss: -8.4% to -1.9%
Acne: -1.3% to -2.6%
Concealer: -12.7% to -7.6%
Eyebrow: -12.8% to -7.6%
Mascara: -11.1% to -8.0%
Eye shadow: -19.9% to -13.2%
Foundation: -20.9% to -17.4%
Lipstick: -28.1% to -21.9%

Source: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm
First set of numbers: 52-week period ending July 17, 2020.
Second set of numbers: 52-week period ending Sept. 22, 2020.

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