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By the Numbers: TikTok Challenges Take the Lead

New data from Trendalytics shows viral challenges are taking over the Internet.

TikTok challenges have taken over Google searches, according to June data from Trendalytics. The top 10 global keywords, aggregated by the provider, include three challenges, and a growing interest in TikTok reviews. The acts, such as using purple shampoo regardless of hair color, seem nonsensical at first, but Trendalytics’ chief executive officer, Cece Lee, attributes them to the lack of connectedness TikTok users feel in the pandemic. “Younger teens are feeling a much more acute FOMO than they’ve ever experienced,” she said. “The takeaway is that social media is where everyone is taking to speak that out. Doing a challenge makes you feel a part of something.” The randomized nature of the challenges, she said, come from an absurdist sense of humor brought on by a nihilistic world view. This interest in escapism contrasts with growth in utilitarian areas, like “Maskne” and “Haircut kit.” Here, see Trendalytics’ global search keywords from Google for the month of June.

1. Makeup Brush Challenge: +5,985.9%
2. Maskne: +2,317.4%
3. Face Mask: +1,070.6%
4. Purple Shampoo Challenge: +1,013.5%
5. TikTok Reviews: +915.7%
6. Cleansing Challenge: +847.2%
7. Floating Eyeliner: +838.3%
8. Neck Mask: +832.7%
9. Hand Mask: +815.7%
10. Haircut Kit: +690.4%

Source: Global keywords aggregated from Google by Trendalytics

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