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How Camila Coelho Keeps Content ‘Authentic’

The influencer and founder’s philosophy has shifted to informative content that resonates with her personally.

As brands refocus their social media strategies around authenticity, influencer and brand founder Camila Coelho has nailed the friendly content marketing approach. 

At Beauty Inc’s Digital Forum, Coelho discussed her checklist for creating resonant videos and pictures. One of the litmus tests of quality content is an educational component. “When content teaches me something, it’s amazing content and that’s something I’ve tried to do in my own content. Since the beginning, I’m always overthinking about what people are going to learn from this,” she said in conversation with WWD and Beauty Inc’s Alexa Tietjen.

Coelho has also stopped looking at Instagram likes as a metric of a post’s success, especially as Instagram’s algorithm changes periodically. “With how crazy the algorithm is, and how saturated social media is, I access it in a different way than I used to before. To be honest with you, I would look at my photo likes. Today, I see it’s not really like that, and it’s really how my posts engaged people in different ways,” Coelho said.

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“Today it’s not about likes, comments and the engagement you see there in your photo,” Coelho continued. “People pressure themselves a lot. Sometimes I’m just really excited to get my content out there.”

When asked how her organic content differs from her paid posts, Coelho said that ideally, they’re indistinguishable from one another. “It’s basically the same,” Coelho said. “Whatever I said yes to, it’s because I like the product and because I believe in the product. That comes with saying a lot of no’s. If I don’t like a product, or I like a product and don’t agree to the brief that the brand gives me, I’m not going to change the way I talk or the way I approach my followers. I always make sure that whatever I’m talking about, I love, I believe in and I use.”

Coelho brought the same level of discernment to the founding of Elaluz, describing finding a suitable business partnership like a marriage. “When finding a partner, it’s really important that you guys get along because it’s like a marriage,” she said. “My husband and I, we love each other but we still fight. The disagreements are the same with a business partner,” she said.

“It’s also about what they can bring to the table that’s maybe what you need specifically. For Luxury Brand Partners, it was their expertise on creating product fast, and introducing me to the right distributors,” Coelho continued. 

Part of having a powerful brand story, too, is a heavy dose of personal connection. Coelho mentioned that her brand was born out of her own journey with epilepsy. Now, she’s hoping to highlight consumers’ life stories. “My goal with Elaluz is to sell amazing product, but also to impact people in a much more meaningful way,” she said. “We have this program that we’re doing now, we are going to be sharing people’s life stories,” she said.

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