Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Ariz.

Now, at Canyon Ranch: Botox.

The luxury wellness resort next month is launching CR Aesthetics — an injectable treatment menu that includes Botox, Juvéderm and Kybella — at its flagship spa in Tucson, Ariz.

Canyon Ranch spent the past year testing the program on 10 of its cruise ship spas and it was an instant success, with revenue reaching the seven-figure range. Chief executive officer Susan E. Docherty said demand for injectables at the main Canyon Ranch spas is so high, the company will rollout CR Aesthetics to its locations in Lenox, Mass., and Las Vegas in 2018. Docherty declined to provide specific figures, but industry sources estimate the addition of injectables could increase the company’s revenue 15 percent per year. In Arizona, the CR Aesthetics menu will be open to people outside the resort to come in for treatment.

Canyon Ranch is known for its cushy wellness retreats — its resort locations offer a vast array of self-improvement-related activities, from Ayurvedic spa treatments to nutrition counseling and personal training. While standard facials have always been on the Canyon Ranch menu, Botox and fillers would have been considered off-brand 10 years ago — but in today’s increasingly wellness-obsessed culture, consumers are beginning to consider exercise and injectables as part of the same holistic approach to taking care of themselves.

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“People [now] have a much better understanding that skin health is part of the overall wellness journey in terms of ‘Not only do I need to be thinking about my brain health and a healthy weight or BMI or blood pressure,’ but it’s a very holistic approach and people are looking at everything in their lives and saying, ‘What do I need to be doing to be my very best?’” Docherty said.

Botox and fillers likely aren’t new to the Canyon Ranch client.

“The first time I went to Canyon Ranch as a guest over New Year’s weekend with a girlfriend a dozen years ago…I was in the sauna with two other women and the topic du jour was, you guessed it — not yoga — but ‘Who does your Botox?” said Wendy Lewis, president of Wendy Lewis & Co., a global aesthetics consultancy firm. “[Now], the wellness themed has merged with beauty and aesthetics, [and] Canyon Ranch has always been at the forefront of the wellness space…I think it’s the perfect marriage of treatments.”

Lewis noted she could see “this menu expanding with light-based therapies and body-shaping treatments in the near future.”

At the moment, Docherty said Canyon Ranch is only planning to add IPL treatments and Latisse to its spas. But as the FDA continues to approve more fillers, the menu could expand. “People are trusting us with their skin and their face — we’re going to use the products we know scientifically work to reduce wrinkles. We’re very excited about what’s happening in this segment and CR Aesthetics has the ability to grow,” Docherty said.

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