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Canyon Ranch Your Transformation

Since its founding in Tucson, Ariz., in 1979, Canyon Ranch has espoused the importance of wellness.

Since its founding in Tucson, Ariz., in 1979, Canyon Ranch has espoused the importance of wellness. Later this month, its beauty interpretation — which the company terms “a convergence of cosmeceuticals and holistic beauty” called Canyon Ranch Your Transformation — will launch at Saks Fifth Avenue.

“We are combining breakthrough science with the wellness movement in an integrated approach,” said Jill Scalamandre, chief marketing officer of Chrysallis, which is producing Canyon Ranch’s skin care lines. Chrysallis is the management company owned by Catterton Partners Corp., a private equity firm based in Greenwich, Conn. Added Roxanne Housley, vice president of sales and strategic alliances for Canyon Ranch, “Your Transformation is about more than skin care — it’s also about an experience.”

The keystone of Your Transformation is Pro-NAD, a patented system for the time-delayed delivery of nicotinic acid or niacin (vitamin B3), which aids in the production of new healthy skin cells, said Kris Cryer, director of product development for Chrysallis. “The technology has more than 25 years of research behind it and has been proven to reduce the appearance of photo damage to skin and help prevent damage caused by ultraviolet rays and free radicals — the most significant causes of aging,” she said. “Because Pro-NAD is a 12-hour continuous release system, the niacin is able to be delivered deep into the layers of the skin.”

According to Cryer, Pro-NAD also helps stimulate DNA repair by encouraging the skin’s natural repair process and stimulates the release of leptin, a hormone that is said to help strengthen the skin’s epidermal layer.

Your Transformation also uses two additional proprietary complexes. Ceraplex is a blend of skin-identical ceramides and antioxidants said to help boost the skin’s moisture retention and surface smoothness, while Antiox-3’s combination of goji berry, bearberry and blueberry antioxidants is said to help protect against collagen destruction, promote elastin production, help to even skin tone and help discourage hyperpigmentation.

The line includes nine stockkeeping units, said Scalamandre. There are two cleansers, Vitality Cleansing Cream, $40, and Radiance Facial Scrub, $45; two treatment products, Age Transforming Concentrate Serum, $150, and Age Transforming Hydramist, $50; four moisturizers, Balance Lightweight Moisture, $75, Protect UVA/UVB SPF 30 Facial Moisturizer, $75, Brightness Eye Cream, $70, and Restore Intensive Moisture, $95, and a body cream, Elasticity Body Balm, $55.

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“As we expand, we will add additional products, but our categories will always be tightly edited,” said Scalamandre, adding that nutraceuticals are also a potential area of growth.

Packaging is done in browns and whites with inspirational package notations. “We want to bring emotion to the brand,” said Scalamandre.

Initially, distribution will be limited to the seven Canyon Ranch properties and five Saks Fifth Avenue doors — the retailer’s doors in New York, Boca Raton, Fla., Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa, Calif., and Phoenix. By yearend, Scalamandre hopes to have the brand in about 100 high-end specialty store doors in North America, including select Nordstrom doors that do not conflict with the Saks doors and Holt Renfrew in Canada.

While none of the executives would comment on sales projections, industry sources estimated that Your Transformation would do upward of $8 million at retail in its first year on counter. Very limited print advertising is expected; Scalamandre said she expects the bulk of the promotional push to come from in-store events and sampling. “We want to bring the Canyon Ranch experience into stores — like, for instance, bringing Canyon Ranch chefs and nutritionists in for seminars,” said Scalamandre. “That would emphasize the integrated positioning of this brand.” An educational consumer Web site is also planned.