Prior to WWD’s Beauty Summit, Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey had never spoken publicly to a group of beauty executives. She also didn’t think she would be seven months pregnant while doing it.

Huysentruyt Grey addressed the audience about her multichannel content and commerce company, Violet Grey, which is immersed in the world of Hollywood beauty culture.

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“My plan was always to build a luxury brand that combined art and commerce,” said Huysentruyt Grey. “I realized Hollywood is the most influential beauty culture in the world, but I knew I needed to sort of elevate it because Hollywood is sort of a bad word in fashion and in New York.”

The founder opened a little studio on Melrose Place and filled it with vintage magazines and books and started to work with stars and their teams to help craft a red carpet image. This small business was to help Grey plant Hollywood roots and really develop relationships with the industry experts that now contribute to her site.

“The vision of Violet Grey was really the luxury and lost glamour of Hollywood with a modern fashion sensibility and an ode to women and the rituals that unite them,” noted Huysentruyt Grey.

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To that end, Huysentruyt Grey explained some of the different elements that make up Violet Grey.

“In commerce we edit the best products across all categories within the context of Hollywood beauty culture,” she said, adding that the company’s curation lies within its edit, otherwise known as The Industry’s Beauty Edit. “We’re testing products on movie stars, on sets, in dressing rooms and we’re in the powder room at the Oscars.”

Huysentruyt Grey added that each product that goes on the company’s shelves is taken through an approval process, which is called The Violet Code.

Meanwhile, the content portion is part of The Violet Files, which includes everything from beauty tutorials, profiles, how to remove the cellulite from the back of thighs and Lauren Hutton’s beauty secret, which is coconut oil.

Additionally, She’s So Violet includes profiles of women who the team finds to be “violet” or have certain attitude and confidence.

The last element of Violet Grey is its standalone boutique, which according to Huysentruyt Grey, has become a cultural hub where stars come and go.

“Multichannel content and commerce is really important to us,” said Huysentruyt Grey, noting that 75 percent of traffic comes from mobile. “As hard as it is to be everything from the beginning at a time when content-makers are trying to figure out how to do commerce, we really have an advantage because we were born that way.”