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Caswell-Massey’s Continuous Overhaul

The 250-year-old beauty brand Caswell-Massey is getting an update with two new lines: Baby Shea and Olive Oil and Orange Blossom.

NEW YORK — The 250-year-old beauty brand Caswell-Massey is getting an update with two new lines: Baby Shea and Olive Oil and Orange Blossom.

The brand, which regained its independence in January after ending an 18-month alliance with BFMA Holdings, has been updating and repositioning its extensive collection of products, beginning with the relaunch of the 20-year-old shaving line 1752 and the repackaging of Greenbriar, another men’s line, earlier this year. Both the Baby Shea and Olive Oil and Orange Blossom collections are new additions and will be on counter in September in all of Caswell-Massey’s various distribution channels, including 12 freestanding stores, its catalogue and Web site and about 2,000 wholesale doors, including Ulta.

“We’re getting very aggressive in our product development and launches, advertising and marketing,” said Ed Coleman, president and chief operating officer of Caswell-Massey.

The Baby Shea collection was developed because of the “high demand” from both retailers and customers looking for a “high-quality” version of skin care for babies, according to the company. Caswell-Massey offers a Shea collection for adults, and creating a baby version of the line provided an opportunity for the company to reach a new set of consumers, according to Coleman. “We wanted to take advantage of the popularity and demand for shea butter,” he said, “and what better way to extend that than to babies?”

The line features 12 products, all made with 100 percent pure shea, from Baby Shea Diaper Crème to Baby Shea Body Spray, and ranges from $3.50 for a travel size of the Baby Wipes to $18 for Baby Shea Cradle Lap Lotion. Baby Shea Diaper Crème contains shea butter, sweet almond oil, aloe vera and calendula oil, while Baby Shea Body Spray features a vanilla-orange fragrance and is meant to be sprayed on the baby’s skin after a bath. While Coleman declined to comment on sales figures, industry sources expect the line to do up to $3 million in first-year retail sales. Print advertising featuring the tag line “Advanced Skin Care for Beginners” will appear in upcoming newspapers and magazines, according to the company.

The Olive Oil and Orange Blossom collection ranges from $4 for a Travel Soap to $33 for a Scented Candle and features a total of 16 products. The Luxurious Moisturizing Bath Oil contains a blend of extra virgin olive oil and natural moisturizers, while the Bath Salts are made with natural Mediterranean sea salts and olive oil and orange blossom oils. Coleman is hoping the Olive Oil and Orange Blossom line helps attract a younger, “Baby Boomer” clientele to Caswell-Massey’s customer base. “These products are for a younger customer that is looking for a spa-like experience — a new, refreshing product,” he said. Ads for the line will include the phrase “Introducing Gourmet Skin Care”; industry sources expect Olive Oil and Orange Blossom to do up to $3.5 million in first-year sales at retail.

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Coleman added that the launch of the two lines is just the beginning of an ongoing overhaul for Caswell-Massey, namely giving the brand’s original packaging, which Coleman described as “a little more fussy and Victorian,” a more modern feel. “We’re taking a look at all of our existing products, looking at products that need to be dropped as well as looking at our existing packaging,” he said. “It’s time to look forward to places in the marketplace, to make sure we’re positioned right.”