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Celebs Keep Scent Deals Fresh

Is the future of the fragrance business written in the stars? A quick glance at next year's celebrity-powered launches makes one thing quite evident: this...

Is the future of the fragrance business written in the stars? A quick glance at next year’s celebrity-powered launches makes one thing quite evident: this trend isn’t ending anytime soon.

In addition to the already scheduled projects of Jennifer Lopez and Tim McGraw (from Coty) and Sean “Jay-Z” Carter’s Rocawear (by Elizabeth Arden), Christina Aguilera’s fragrance, being produced by Procter & Gamble, is set to launch in the U.S. next year. And the hottest rumor these days is that former Friend Jennifer Aniston is about to join this constellation: Aniston is said to have shot a fragrance campaign and may have been in discussions with Elizabeth Arden, Coty and the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. Aniston’s rep did not return a request for comment by press time.

Aguilera launched an eponymous fragrance in Europe in October, although sources say that the Aguilera scent planned for a U.S. launch in fall 2008 will be a different fragrance entirely, one concocted specifically for American tastes.

The top notes of Aguilera’s European scent are of fruit sorbet, sparkling tangerine and fruity blackcurrant tea; its heart is of peony, jasmine and plum, and the drydown is of amber, creamy vanilla and musk. “To me, jasmine has always been synonymous with old movie star glamour,” said the singer in a statement on P&G’s Web site. “It is such a beautiful scent and has great heritage in traditional perfumery, which I love. The blackcurrant tea note for me captures the vibrancy and happiness of my honeymoon. Its fruity, mouthwatering scent reminds me of sitting on our Bali veranda in the heat, looking out over the most gorgeous sunset while sipping a cool, refreshing cocktail.”

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A TV commercial featuring Aguilera was shot in Los Angeles earlier this year for the European fragrance. The spot features a sultry Aguilera in full hair and makeup and a cream robe in a designer-filled dressing room, trying to decide what to wear. She then heads toward her fragrance bottle, on a nearby dressing table, and picks it up. With her back to the camera, she slips off the robe and sprays her back with the scent, which then transforms into a black lace tattoo running across her back. The campaign’s tag line is “Sometimes, it’s all you need to wear.”

The name of the U.S. scent has not been released, nor have its prices or distribution plans.