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Ceramiracle Unveils Combination Spa, Cafe Focused on Wellness in Kuala Lumpur

The Santa Monica-based skin-care company opened a salon and cafe in Malaysia offering Beverly Hills-inspired facials combined with healthy brews.

Dovetailing on the wellness movement, Ceramiracle has opened what it calls an “ageless café,” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Santa-Monica-based skin-care brand unveiled its 3,500 square-foot combination spa and cafe on Nov. 28. The opening was attended by members of Malaysia’s Royal Family and other local celebrities. Appointments quickly booked up for the entire week, according to Ceramiracle’s founder Eugene He.

To stand out in the market, He sought to duplicate the buzz surrounding Hollywood skin care made popular by celebrities and social media stars. “Asia is filled to the brim with beauty salons and aesthetic clinics, so competition is brutal. What we are offering is something that is unique and the first in Asia — an experience to be treated like a celebrity, learn about the benefits of beauty herbs and walk out ready for the red carpet,” Ceramiracle’s founder said.

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The spa section, called The Aesthetics Salon, provides California-inspired facials combining light, deep RF (radio frequency) and ice therapies. The signature Celebrity Medi-facial is priced at $170 dollars for 80 minutes. It is the only facial offered to keep the experience stress-free and “not bombard out customers with an extensive menu of treatments,” He explained.

Ceramiracle’s line of products are used in the salon. That includes the company’s First Light The Serum, a beauty concentrate containing natural actives inspired by the vernix caseosa, the thick, waxlike substances that coats babies for weeks before they are born. Another is the just launched First Light The Reboot Mask, a clay mask made from exfoliating black volcanic sand combined with a traditional Korean botanical extract. The latter is manufactured in Korea and features three Korean staples, rice, ginseng and mugwort.

Complementing the services are more than 30 all-organic brews incorporating herbs, fruits, tea leaves and coffee beans sourced from across the globe. He, who is a clinical naturopath, personally developed each blend to fuse beauty and wellness. “The First Light Signature Tea is made from collagen-boosting botanicals that are beneficial for skin health and skin youth,” He said. The teas and cakes start at $4.

In the spirit of fusing the two experiences, therapists double up as baristas and waiters. Ceramiracle’s He personally trains all therapists on the Celebrity Medifacial system, along with a course on nutrition and the benefits of the organic brews. “As a clinical naturopath, I knew right from the start that we cannot differentiate beauty from nutrition. True beauty comes from within and as I always say, ‘good skin is made in the kitchen’. The other contributor to undesirable skin is stress and being able to take time out to enjoy a good cup of tea can do a lot of good for the skin,” He said. While the treatment last 80 minutes, customers on average spend more than two hours in the shop.

The two-year old company is eyeing at least two other sites in Malaysia in 2018. Myanmar, Taiwan and Singapore are also on the company’s radar. Within the next year, He said he also hopes to find space in the U.S. for the combination spa and cafe format.

Outside of the new ageless cafe, Ceramiracle’s skin care collection of internal and external items is sold exclusively online. Prices range from $45 for its Invi-Sun Skin Defense Supplement to $175 for a trio of Invi-Sun, True Bright Skin Brightening Supplement and First Light Ceramides Skin Supplement.