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CEW, 24 Seven Collaborate on Beauty Industry Job Market Report

The survey is to provide insights that will help both job seekers and hiring managers navigate the ever-changing employment market.

Cosmetic Executive Women and 24 Seven, a resource for talent management, have collaborated for the second year to create the 2014 Salary and Job Market Report for the beauty industry. This survey is to provide insights that will help both job seekers and hiring managers navigate the ever-changing employment market.

“This year we looked to measure employee engagement, in addition to job satisfaction,” said Celeste Gudas, chief executive officer and founder of 24 Seven Inc. “We wanted to understand how passionate talent was about their current job and employer.”

For the project, CEW and 24 Seven surveyed 800 various beauty professionals on topics ranging from key characteristics of engaged employees to reasons why talent’s on the move.

“The job market continues to improve, with more executives reporting that their company is hiring at a higher rate this year than last, and that jobs are getting filled faster,” said Gudas. “That’s good news for talent who report feeling increasingly confident about their demand in the marketplace. So my advice to companies is — if you meet someone you think is a good fit for both the job and your brand, move quickly.”

The survey, conducted online by 24 Seven, revealed that beauty executives said that sales, marketing, design, operations and digital talent is hardest to recruit. Also, only 54 percent of talent reported being truly engaged at work.

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“This year we uncovered many new compelling learnings — among them the important distinction between satisfied and engaged employees,” said Carlotta Jacobson, president of CEW. “It was fascinating to see how in this increasingly competitive talent market, it has never been more important to invest in a company’s employment brand. A strong employment strategy can help attract talent that is more likely to become increasingly more loyal, engaged and high-performing.”

Some key findings from the survey included that 91 percent of executives report being under the same or more pressure to attract talent and 86 percent claim they were under the same or more pressure to retain talent. 

To that end, the report revealed that loyalty remains low, with 65 percent of talent planning a job move. Also, salary tops the list of reasons to change jobs followed by better advancement opportunities, better growth potential and improved quality of life.

On a positive note, 77 percent of beauty professionals reported an increase in total compensation, while 84 percent of executives report hiring is the same or higher than last year.

Of the beauty professionals surveyed for this year’s report, 90 percent were female and 10 percent were male.

“This report is vital to the beauty industry as it provides a unique opportunity to get a true sense of how executives, managers and staffers are compensated,” said Jacobson. “It serves as a vital tool for companies to gain insight on how to capture, motivate and retain talent while encouraging consistent innovation within the industry at all levels.”

The complete report can be found on the 24 Seven Web site, at