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CEW at 65: Team Drive

Meet the women and men who make CEW's mission a reality.

Over the past 20 years, CEW has blossomed from an organization with four full-time employees into a 34-person strong team. Together, they’ve grown the membership from 400 to over 10,000 and produce about 30 events annually. They’ve reached over 500,000 people working through a cancer diagnosis and have raised millions of dollars to support the advancement of women in the beauty industry. Here, meet the group of women and men who bring CEW’s mission to life.


Front row:

Christine Tate, Senior Manager of Programs and Events

Jessica Caixeiro, Events Coordinator

2nd row (seated):

Lisa Klein, Senior Vice President

Carlotta Jacobson, President

3rd row (seated):

Morgan Tutton, Associate Manager of Programs and Events

Shari Beck, Senior Manager of Membership Operations

Britney Turner, Associate Manager of Marketing

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Un Sin Yavanian, Director of Development and Strategic Projects

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Casey Curnan, Senior Manager of Development

Back row, from left to right:

Delia Mitchell, Manager of Content

Andrea Nagel, Vice President of Content

Lisa Campione, Director of Events

Mary Baker, Development Assistant

Alexandra Saland, Senior Director of Marketing

Landree Bower, Senior Manager of Development

Nicole Cardillo, Vice President of Marketing and Events

Leslie Hutchings, Vice President of Membership


About the teams:


Provides CEW members with relevant beauty industry content on a daily basis. Today, almost 15 percent of people who join CEW do so to access CEW’s proprietary content. The department also oversees, and over the past year has led a redesign of the site, which will launch in March, with enhanced functionality and content.


Creates and manages relationships with partners in and outside of the beauty industry, delivering industry visibility and access to beauty’s leaders including event speakers, honorees and CEW board members. The team also oversees partnerships with intelligence providers to share proprietary trend reports, research and data for CEW events.


Responsible for the ideation, development and execution of speaker discussions, award celebrations, conferences and digital learning — in all, almost 30 events annually attended by over 10,000 people. CEW’s programming provides thought leadership on trending topics, access to proprietary intelligence and platforms for the recognition of product innovation and professional achievement.


Leverages data, insights and technology to create personalized messaging and multichannel marketing strategies. At the core of CEW’s marketing efforts is a deep understanding of who its members are, what is important to them and what they need to successfully move forward in their careers.


Leverages its understanding of CEW member needs to inform the development of programs and services tailored to each career level and industry segment. Key initiatives in 2019 include expanding resources and visibility for indie brands, relaunching the mentoring program and exploring new concepts and experiences that support the member community.


Front row, from left to right:

Claudia Flowers, Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Sissy Silva, Program Coordinator, CEW Foundation

Rachel Becker, Director of Programs, CEW Foundation

Nikki Zelin, Development Coordinator, CEW Foundation

Madeline Meislin, Manager of Programs, CEW Foundation


Back row, from left to right:

Michael Corrente, Senior Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships, CEW Foundation

Nicole Franklin, Senior Manager of Programs, CEW Foundation

Scott Sinclair, Senior Executive Associate

Justin Anderson, Technical Support Coordinator

Ben Klein, Associate Finance Manager

Martin Barfield, Director of Technology

Leticia Bennett, Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships, CEW Foundation

Roch Minieri, Controller


About the teams:


Through its policies and procedures, the finance team ensures that CEW has the funding to invest in CEW’s resources and benefits to keep the organization a viable entity for the long-term support of the beauty industry and its members.


Responsible for enhancing and maintaining CEW’s IT systems and infrastructure, and for collaborating on producing CEW events. The team also identifies and implements new technology and tools that move the organization forward.

CEW Foundation

Oversees Cancer + Careers, which provides education, advice and tools to health-care providers and patients regarding cancer and the workplace. Through a comprehensive web site, free publications, career coaching, and a series of support groups and educational seminars for employees with cancer and their health-care providers and coworkers, Cancer + Careers strives to eliminate fear and uncertainty for working people with cancer.


Not pictured:

Christine Brennan

Nicole Jarvis

Brian Morvant

Rebecca Nellis

Louie Rojas