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CEW U.K. Honors Terry de Gunzburg With Lifetime Achiever Award

De Gunzburg was honored with a lifetime accolade at the 15th annual CEW U.K. Achiever Awards held at Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge.

TERRY’S TIME: Makeup artist turned creative director Terry de Gunzburg was honored with a lifetime accolade at the 15th annual CEW U.K. Achiever Awards held at Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge on Tuesday evening.

The annual event is hosted by Cosmetic Executive Women U.K., which commemorates beauty industry professionals. De Gunzburg has worked in the luxury beauty industry for nearly 40 years and as a creative director at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, she was behind the creation of Touche Éclat, a popular favorite from the brand. She went on to start her own line in 1998 called By Terry, which is sold in 49 countries and offers makeup, skin care and fragrance.

“It took me three years to convince the Yves Saint Laurent management because nobody believed me,” de Gunzburg said of the Touche Éclat. “That one single item can do all in one click. When I invented that click-brush, I have to tell you that, it was 25 years ago, It was not a concealer, not a highlighter, it was an all in one.”

She thanked her husband Jean, the “scientist behind her products” and went on to credit how Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergè changed her life. “Yves Saint Laurent let me create whatever I wanted to create” de Gunzburg said. “And Pierre Bergè gave me the confidence of doing it. It wasn’t that easy to come with very new ideas, with crazy combinations. And what Yves Saint Laurent taught me and gave me as a legacy is how to break the rules, how he always told me ‘Believe in your feelings. Believe in your lack of confidence and believe in your strength. Resistance is your best strength. That’s the real difference between the creator and the marketing director. Behind the products, behind innovation, you must have a dream, you must have…something comes from here, instantly. And you have to work very hard to make it happen.'”

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She decided to launch her range of makeup as Yves Saint Laurent did not want her to work with any other designers. “He begged me not to work with Tom Ford, who didn’t want to work with me anyway,” she said. “I respect Tom very much. So I had no choice than create my own story. And I wanted to make a true tribute to Yves and I came with this idea of building the first haute couture house, made in Paris, with best for texture, best for colors, just for one person with fittings, with something absolutely essential and unique and it worked.”

Other award winners included Ian Marshall & Gail Bojarski of Benefit, Sarah Chapman of Sarah Chapman London, Anne Murphy of Boots U.K. and Alison Young of QVC U.K.