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Soko Glam Founder Launches Korean Beauty Blog

The Klog is designed to immediately transmit Korean beauty trends and insight to the U.S. market.

Charlotte Cho, the co-founder of, an e-commerce purveyor of Korean beauty products, is launching, a blog centered on K-beauty trends.

The impetus for the The Klog came from a need Cho, who makes routine trips to Asia to merchandise Soko Glam, saw to facilitate faster transmission of beauty insight and trends from Korea to the U.S. market.

“The Soko Glam curation process can actually take months and sometimes years,” she said, referring to the arduous process of scouting products for the e-commerce site. But the editorial process is much quicker. “Our team of editors will cover news about the cutting-edge products, artist insights and product recommendations, makeup and skin-care tutorials in an unbiased platform — whether Soko Glam curates it or not,” Cho said.

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The Klog is an expanded version of a blog that was initially found on Soko Glam’s Web site. Users will still be able to access old content links by searching on Google.

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Soko Glam was founded by Cho with her husband David Cho in 2012, after she saw the rise in popularity of Korean beauty brands in the U.S.

Cho also plans to write on Korean pop culture, which she noted is a major marker of inspiration in Korean beauty, and those who interested in K-beauty are likely interested in K-pop as well.

Cho does not see K-beauty as a passing fad.

“K-beauty is here to stay not only because of the innovation and high quality formulas, but because people are truly interested and fascinated by Korean beauty culture and see Korean women as role models when it comes to skin care and beauty,” Cho said. “People outside of Korea are embracing Korean skin-care concepts, such as the double cleanse, essences and a multistep routine. K-beauty is not having a ‘moment,’ it’s a movement that embodies not only beauty products but their skin-first lifestyle as well.”

Cho, banking on redirection from Soko Glam’s web site, projects unique visitors to The Klog will average 3.5 million page views per month within the first year of launch.