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China’s Hottest Makeup Trends

Makeup artist Valentina Li on China's top makeup trends of 2020 thus far. 

1. H20 Everything

Dewy and glassy looks have been popular for a couple years in the west and South Korea, but this year, China has sailed past moist and is opting for full-on liquified looks. High gloss around the eyes and lips give off an aqueous marine feel, while glass baubles are used to achieve the water droplet effect. This has also sparked an offshoot trend that plays with ice.


2. Traditional Chinese

The aesthetic of centuries-old China is seeing a resurgence. While Han style costuming dominated, the era’s beauty ideal is also filtering through. This looks like defined but unarched, thin eyebrows, bright rounded red lips, as well as the huadian, a flower symbol set in the middle of the eyebrows. Pink and red eye shadow is also common, as is swirled, face-framing wisps of hair laminated in front of the ears.



3. K-pop Style

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Hallyu still is a major force to be reckoned with in China, especially with girl bands such as Blackpink leading the way. Glitter liner around the eyes is popular and for extra oomph, bedazzled rhinestones, often combined with pink or red eye shadow. Colorful contact lenses in other worldly shades such as blue, lavender and green are key to this look. It’s often finished off with printed words and other kinds of cheek stickers or temporary tattoo art.


4. Gamer Digital  

Maybe it’s all those Zoom calls or all the hours playing Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch. Either way, a digitalized cyber feel in beauty is a big at the moment, at times reflected in the form of pixelated images or in a highly stylized anime aesthetic.