Christina Milian

Plot twist: Actress and singer Christina Milian wears Curve for Men. “There are two things I need, a mirror and a scent,” said Milian, who admitted to keeping a stash of the men’s fragrance in her bathroom. “Curve works well on me.”

Milian served as host for the debut of a new marketing campaign for the 20-year-old fragrance called #CurveYourReality on Tuesday night.

Wearing a revealing mesh LaQuan Smith gown, Milian previewed several of the campaign’s videos based on real fantasies of Gen Z men [age 16 to 20], adding she hopes she’s inspired a few of those dreams.

In one vignette, a young man gets the girl by turning into a merman, in another he becomes a cute puppy. One guy celebrates his love for spaghetti by swimming in a tub of it.

“We did some social listening and found that young men’s fantasies aren’t what you would necessarily think,” said Nelson Miranda, vice president of marketing, global fragrance at Elizabeth Arden. “It isn’t just girls and motorcycles. Their fantasies are also wild and sometime weird.”

Miranda said social and digital media have changed the way people interact with each other and how brands talk to consumers. “With that in mind, we have shifted how we communicate with consumers today,” he said.

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Elizabeth Arden’s Curve for Men has been the best-selling men’s fragrance in the prestige sector of the mass market for 15 years, according to IRI data. While the market for traditional mass scents has withered, Curve for Men and Elizabeth Arden’s White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor endure and are two of the few bright spots in the mass fragrance landscape.

And he expects to keep the momentum going. “We expect a good holiday season this year from everything we are hearing,” Miranda said.

Milian said she loves the unisex concept in fragrances. “I like the way things are going today. There aren’t labels anymore; it is about what makes you feel good. And everyone’s chemistry is different. Things smell different on everyone,” said Milian, adding she’s never created her own fragrance. “Not yet,” she concluded with a smile.