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West Coast Watch: The Latest in Clean Beauty

The Detox Market founder Romain Gaillard shares the retailer's newest technology, offered in partnership with Good Face Project.

Clean beauty retailer The Detox Market now offers a more elaborate search engine system on its site, allowing customers to narrow down specific ingredients and purchase products that meet their individual needs.

The AI-powered technology was developed by Good Face Project, a cosmetics innovation company rooted in science and research.

“At this point in time, we’re the leading ingredient transparency solution for the cosmetics industry,” said Iva Yovchev Teixeira, cofounder and chief executive officer of Good Face Project, launched in San Diego in 2017. “We have a number of product offerings that are mostly in the technology and data space, both for retailers and brands. We help retailers curate the selection of products that they’re showing to any given shopper based on that shopper’s needs for more transparency, more helpfulness, as well as specific personal needs that have to do with the unique skin type or whatever concerns that person might have. All of our technology is data-driven, science-backed.”

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Transparency continues to be a key word at The Detox Market, said Romain Gaillard, who founded the company in 2010. What began as a pop-up on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, Calif., has become a leading beauty retailer in the clean cosmetics and wellness space.

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“I started [The] Detox [Market] with the idea of making beauty as transparent as possible,” he said. “And obviously, the whole foundation is around ingredients, understanding what’s good, what’s bad.”

Throughout the years, the company has worked to keep track of the ingredients sourced in the brands they carry (the likes of Ilia, Vintner’s Daughter, Osea, Rahua and Hum Nutrition), but it was a long and complex process.

“For us, it was always very complicated to get the products right when they’re coming to analyze every single ingredient,” continued Gaillard. “What we wanted is to make every ingredient clickable and completely transparent, because we’re actually very proud of the ingredients of our brands.”

And they’ve done just that: “Long story short, we met with Iva, and we decided to partner because they created the most comprehensive and robust database when it comes to ingredients.”

The partnership allows The Detox Market to identify every ingredient and where it’s sourced. Good Face Project, which analyzes “tens of thousands” of ingredients, will certify and approve all products sold at the retailer. And if anything is questionable, the innovation company works with the brands to better source ingredients. It takes constant, ongoing research, as data and science continue to evolve in the clean category, said Teixeira.

The Detox Market
A look into The Detox Market’s search engine system. Courtesy

“We also have solutions for brands that are looking to formulate products that either fit specific needs of the consumer or fit within whatever regulations the brands are targeting,” added Teixeira. “For example, if I’m here in the United States, and I’m looking to create a brand that will also be exportable to the European Union, our technology solution contains that capability to guide the cosmetic chemists in that formula design.”

At The Detox Market, the technology will help introduce a recommendation engine on its site for customer personalization, linking the connections between consumer feedback, sales, trends and ingredients.

“When you want to give transparency into products, you’re doing it to empower people to make the right decision,” said Gaillard. “And the right decision is to select products with superior and safe ingredients.”

Good Face Project founders Iva Yovchev Teixeira and Lena Skliarova-Mordvinova.
Good Face Project founders Iva Yovchev Teixeira and Lena Skliarova-Mordvinova. Courtesy