NEW YORK — Clinique is hoping to enrich the sales of its top-selling Turnaround Cream with the addition of a moisturizing version. In September, the company will launch Turnaround Cream for Dry Skin. While the product still contains salicylic acid, it also contains moisture-binding ingredients and anti-oxidants.

“We were finding that women with dry and very dry skin found Turnaround Cream to be slightly aggressive for their skin,” said Shirley Weinstock, vice president of product development at Clinique. The company projects the Turnaround franchise to have a 30 percent sales gain in the next year, which begins in July, according to Eunice Valdivia, executive vice president for marketing and finance. Based on the industry estimates of last year’s volume, Turnaround then is expected to generate sales of $78 million to $91 million in the next fiscal year. Turnaround Dry is expected to represent $10 million of that total, sources said.

The firm will spend 36 percent of its national print ad budget on Turnaround Cream for this fiscal year, Valdivia said.

Clinique’s total print budget is slated for $12 million this year, which means total support for Turnaround will be around $4.3 million, sources said.

Like classic Turnaround Cream, the newest addition will be packaged in a 2-oz. jar with a suggested retail price of $27.50.

According to Valdivia, reports from Clinique’s beauty advisers have indicated that classic Turnaround has attracted both a whole new audience to Clinique counters and brought back a lot of lapsed consumers.