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EXCLUSIVE: Color Wow Targets Curls With New Range

Called Curl Wow, the product range includes shampoo, conditioners and styling products.

Color Wow founder and chief executive officer Gail Federici is setting her sights on a new hair type.

The brand is debuting its first collection targeting curls. Dubbed Curl Wow, it includes five products, from shampoos to conditioners and styling products. Prices range from $28 to $38.

Federici is a pro at identifying room for innovation – she already conquered frizz during her time at John Frieda, which she founded in 1989. She told WWD the new Curl Wow line’s imperative was to find a way to moisturize textured hair from root to tip. “The curlier or more coily your hair is, the harder it is to get lubrication,” she said. “It tends to be drier and more dehydrated, and the frustrating parts for people with that hair type is that they have to use a lot of products that lay on the surface of the hair and it can feel very greasy or crispy. What we’ve tried to do is try to make products where your hair just looks much better, but it doesn’t feel like you’ve done anything to your hair. It just feels like hair.”

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The products all boast a patented “Naked Technology,” so named for how little it affects hair’s feel. That includes a proprietary complex called Profaxil-18, which keeps the particle size small enough to enter the hair follicle and distribute evenly.

“The trick was to break down the natural oils and emollients by reducing their particle size, which is what Profaxil[-18] does,” Federici said. “The beauty of that is when you are applying products, they are going into the hair, or in case of the hair serum, it mimics the natural sebum that all of the oils are such a particle size that they enter the hair. It’s like a natural lipid layer on the surface of your hair.”

From an innovation perspective, Federici’s M.O. is to think of products from a need-based perspective, not as segmented by category. “We’ve never addressed a consumer that’s got these issues,” she said. “What we try to do is find white space, find a way to do something better, like in the case of our root cover-up. That has been so huge because, yes, there were products out there, but there was so clearly a huge opportunity there.”

The business implications of the launch are also significant. Industry sources estimate the range will reach $8 million in sales for its first year on the market, and hair care is still the fastest growing category in prestige beauty, according to data from the NPD Group.

Federici is looking to build a range with longevity, though, as much as a robust business. “You can still see, 30 years later, the [John Frieda] Frizz Ease and Sheer Blonde lines on the shelves. That’s what motivates us,” she said. “If you think about making a difference, those ideas have legs.”