Cosmedix updated look

Consumer desire to take the spa experience home has spurred retail sales of products once relegated to the professional’s back bar. While department and mass skin-care sales are slowing, spa owners report an uptick volume.

Budding shopper interest in professional skin care prompted Cosmedix to restage its existing collection and introduce a more potent Elite line.

Founded in 1999 by doctors and aestheticians fusing science with skin care, the new packaging seeks to convey that brand heritage in a more consumer friendly interpretation.

“As the skin-care industry matured over the years, so did the consumer,” explained Robert K. Cohen, executive chairman of Astral Health & Beauty Co. and chief executive officer of Cosmedix. “When the brand originally launched, products lived behind the professional counter. As the consumer demand has pushed the desire for luxury coupled with performance, professional products have come to the front of the ‘house’ to better service the educated customer and shopper.”

When the items were less visible, it was acceptable to have clinical-looking packaging. Now, in addition to high-performance formulas, the bottles need to garner consumer interest.

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To that end, Cosmedix’ rebooted look is shopper friendly with an ergonomic design featuring a clean and efficient product dispensing mechanism. A new color palette, in silver and blue, was established to unite the collection. The lineup includes cleansers, eye treatments and masks teed up to solve numerous skin concerns. One example is Cosmedix’s proprietary technology, AGP Complex, which uses an “intelligent encapsulation” that tells the skin to act younger through a combination of retinol and retinal — creating the most potent form of vitamin A available without a prescription, the company said. This delivery system helps neutralize retinol’s trademark irritation without compromising its performance.

With booming interest in spa-quality skin care, Cosmedix also sensed an opportunity to debut higher-technology formulas. The result is Cosmedix Elite, which was introduced last month and is available only to spas and doctor’s offices that are exclusive providers of Cosmedix products. “Elite delivers the powerful results that you would expect from a doctor’s office,” explained Cohen, adding it is for those ready for an amped up skin-care regimen. A charcoal gray hue accents the Elite packages.

Elite includes Eye Doctor, a high-potency eye treatment; X-Cell, a brightening serum, and RX Clean, an exfoliating cleanser.

Cosmedix has its sights set on expansion in the U.S., primarily in specialty and multidoor medi spas. It is the number-one-selling professional brand in Australia, a country emerging as a skin-care leader. The brand recently entered into South America with Sweden and the U.K. earmarked for growth.

The skin care has historically serviced consumers in the 33 to 55 age range. With the most recent growth of the Millennial consumer interested in prevention, performance and results — along with a passion for clean ingredients — Cosmedix has the opportunity to reach a whole new group in addition to its traditional base, Cohen said.

Bloggers and influencers are being put to work to reach this group. “These women and men are the driving force behind the new era of the spa market. It is a core priority for our brand to continue to build authentic relationships that will further drive their one-to-one relationship with our brand and ignite our social following,” Cohen said.

Last month, Cosmedix began a nationwide tour with stops in San Francisco and Houston to meet with YouTubers, Instagrammers and beauty bloggers at key spa accounts. One mission is to create relationships while also identifying key skin concerns that its products can address.

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