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Cosmopack Branches Out

Cosmopack, the cosmetics packaging trade show that ran here from March 19 to 22 alongside Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, keeps broadening its reach.

BOLOGNA, Italy — Cosmopack, the cosmetics packaging trade show that ran here from March 19 to 22 alongside Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, keeps broadening its reach.

“We have started working better in the field of raw materials and ingredients,” said Rossano Bozzi, director of Cosmopack. “It’s the first step to create much more complete, wide-ranging opportunities for our visitors.”

Attendees to the show could stop by 420 exhibitors from 33 countries.

Cosmopack also included more paper packaging companies than in past years, some of which were located in front of the fair’s innovation wall. The show’s competition, called The Wall, was in its second season and highlighted eco-sustainability.

“Sustainability is a growing topic on the cosmetics industry’s agenda,” continued Bozzi.

HCT had one of the most bustling booths at the fair.

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“It’s been an amazing show for us,” said Tim Thorpe, president of the packaging manufacturer. “Our stand has been full from the beginning to the end of the day. This year, we complimented our overall stand by turning a booth into a pizza restaurant, with fresh pizzas and free — as-much-as-you-can-drink — Champagne.”

Snacking aside, HCT also served up a healthy portion of innovation. More than 70 novelties were being shown on the component side for makeup, skin care and electronic tools; at least 20 for the brush segment, and three collections for filled goods.

“A large focus in our innovation was airless systems,” said Jenny Hsu, senior director of strategy and operations at HCT.

Thorpe said he had just purchased two more specialty factories — one in Europe and the other in Shanghai. And even without acquisitions, the company’s business keeps growing fast; HCT looks like it will register organic sales growth in 2015 of at least 20 percent, Thorpe said.

“A lot of the customers are coming because they know that we can provide them with innovative turnkey solutions in a cutting-edge environment,” he explained.

Airless packaging was a focus at Lumson, too. Expanding on an existing range, the supplier was introducing at Cosmopack a plastic bottle made in soft-touch PE that contains an airless system with a pouch, said Federica Bonaldi, communications and events manager at the company.

With a green theme was a PE coming from sugar cane.

Lumson, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, was also presenting its first packaging solution for makeup made by the company. Formerly, it only sourced containers for color cosmetics from standard packaging. Lumson’s creations were made in Europe.

Bonaldi, who said the firm had been making many more contacts at Cosmopack than in prior sessions, said Lumson was “very satisfied” with the fair.

The company hoped to increase its penetration in the Far East and South America.

Meanwhile, Anisa Telwar, founder and president of Anisa International, was showcasing her latest brush line.

Debuting at Cosmopack was a collection called Ovals Are the New Round, which is made with a utility patent pending manufacturing process using a specific ratio of length to depth to height.

“That creates a certain density,” she explained, adding the eight brushes are for pressing product into skin. “It’s about a very high form of stippling for a complete coverage. The edges of the oval allow you to frame your face and to detail. [The brushes give] a very sensorial experience.”

Among other offers being showcased was Anisa’s Artisanal Collection comprised of brushes created with different ratios of flexibility to density.

“It has to do with the heritage of brush making,” Telwar said of the line.

Her new Wonder Brushes were made for the body, neck and décolleté. Stila will be the first to market them with its new bronzer palette.

Anisa was introducing, as well, a second generation of textured silicone applicators meant to help the product penetrate skin in various ways.

Telwar named her new fashion brush collection Aurora, which mixes materials such as metal with wood. There’s also chunky glitter injected into plastic handles, among other eye-catching options.

The company was showing its brush cleaner and refresher, too.

“We’re looking at potential licensing,” said Telwar, who added the partnerships would have to be with companies “having core DNA similar to [ours] for innovation.”

She called Cosmopack “productive.”

“The titles of the people that have come to the show have been quite quality,” she said. “It’s a good show.”

Other novelties at Cosmopack included The Mascara Factory, where visitors could see how mascara is produced.