NEW YORK — With the rollout of its Exclamation women’s fragrance overseas, Coty Inc. is out to make a more emphatic international statement.

The company will launch the scent in five countries over the next two years.

“Benckiser has really given us access to international markets that we didn’t have before,” said Mary Manning, vice president of marketing development for Coty, referring to the acquisition of Coty in 1992 by the German-based Benckiser GmbH.

According to Manning, Coty plans to roll out Exclamation to France and Argentina by the end of this year. Earlier this year, the company started testing the fragrance in Germany, Spain and Belgium, with a view to launching it in those markets in 1995.

Exclamation has been distributed in the U.K., Australia and South Africa for the last two years, she noted.

As part of the international push, Coty has given its Exclamation advertising a surreal flavor.

The print campaign, which was launched in April women’s magazines, features a model perched on a ladder to enable her to paint a large black exclamation point on an oversized white canvas. She is wearing a white slipdress and a black beret. The scene is a desert in White Sands, N.M.

A similar TV commercial first aired in late April. Plans for the campaign’s international debut have not been completed, according to Coty executives.

Suzanne Sutin, senior marketing manager for the brand, said that in addition to appealing to Europeans, the campaign also is meant to attract an older customer in the U.S.

Exclamation essentially appeals to young women aged 14 to 24, Sutin said, adding,”But we think this ad could get us as high as 35.”

Coty executives noted that Coty is spending $8.5 million to back Exclamation this year, roughly equal to last year’s budget.