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Creed Launches Love in White

Inspired by the travels of Creed's master perfumer Olivier Creed, Love in White will launch at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue's New York City flagship and Bergdorf Goodman in September.

NEW YORK — Who wears white after Labor Day? The House of Creed is hoping its customers will, as it launches its first women’s fragrance in five years, Love in White, in September.

Inspired by the travels of Creed’s master perfumer Olivier Creed, Love in White will launch at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York City flagship and Bergdorf Goodman in September, and then will roll out to 16 additional Saks doors in October, making it the first Creed fragrance to debut in the U.S., according to executives.

Industry sources expect it to do up to $2 million for the fall season. A portion of those proceeds will go to support UNESCO, or the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, a Paris-based unit of the United Nations that focuses on human development around the world.

Love in White is the first Creed fragrance to be affiliated with a charity, said Emmanuel Saujet, president and chief executive officer of International Cosmetics & Perfumes Inc., Creed’s U.S. marketer and distributor.

“[Olivier] wanted to make a contribution to humanity,” he said, adding that the name of the fragrance, which at first conjures up images of romantic love, is more about peace and understanding between nations. “It’s not about a union between two people, as the name may lead you to think. It’s about unifying nations,” he said. The all-white bottle, which features silver accents and a smooth, shell-like texture, symbolizes peace as well, he said. “It’s about the sea and sand and water that ultimately unites people — white is the color of peace.”

Described as a floral/oriental, Love in White features a top note of orange zest, middle notes of young iridescent rice husk, iris, white jasmine, daffodils, magnolia and Bulgarian rose, and base notes of vanilla, ambergris and sandalwood. It will retail from $110 for a 30-ml. travel size to upward of $300 for the 250-ml. flacon.

Most of the notes featured in the fragrance — from orange zest to Bulgarian rose — were hand-picked by Oliver Creed over five years, as he traveled the world on his yacht, according to Saujet. Some of the regions Creed covered were southern Spain, the South Asian seas, Egypt, the mountains of Guatemala and the French Riviera. “[Olivier] gathered ingredients from five continents, which ties into the globality of the fragrance,” he said. “His true passion has always been the sea.”

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The sixth generation of perfumers in his family’s 245-year-old business, Creed has also always been passionate about fragrance. In fact, he is currently grooming his 25-year-old son, Erwin, to take over the family business in the near future, although a specific date for the eventual passing of the torch has yet to be determined, according to Saujet.

“[Olivier] is basically grooming his son,” said Saujet. “Scent-making with the House of Creed is an honor that can only be turned over to the next generation when the father thinks the next generation has acquired the talent that is necessary.” Saujet did add, however, that Erwin had “significant input” in creating Love in White.