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Curie Teams With Equinox for New Deodorant Scent

The natural body care brand’s latest scent is inspired by Equinox’s signature eucalyptus towels.

Curie is bringing natural body care to the fore, one fitness club at a time. 

Having partnered with SoulCycle in 2021, “Shark Tank” alum and Curie founder Sarah Moret has now joined forces with Equinox to launch a new scent of the brand’s Full Body Deodorant Spray. 

Inspired by the luxury fitness club’s signature eucalyptus towels, the juniper eucalyptus full body deodorant spray is Curie’s first new scent in two years, and blends the aromatherapeutic benefits of herbs, woods and botanicals. 

“It’s a great way for us to just get customers to try the product, no strings attached,” Moret said of the strategic benefit of partnering with fitness clubs. “It’s free to use in the locker rooms, and we’ve been seeing a really high conversion rate from the locker rooms to full-time customers.” 

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Available for purchase on the Curie website and in The Shop at Equinox beginning Aug. 3, the aluminum-free, non-aerosol deodorant retails for $14 and was codeveloped by both parties to complement the Equinox experience. 

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“Our tagline is ‘for humans in motion,’ because that’s really who our core customer base is,” Moret said. “People who are athletic, working out, lead busy lifestyles or are chasing around kids all the time and need products that can keep up.”

Upon appearing on ABC’s “Shark Tank” earlier this year, Moret minted partnerships with panel members Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran, the latter with whom Moret already shared common ground with, given her frequent appearances on QVC to promote Curie’s products. 

Moret’s foray into natural body care was sparked by her own experience as a frequent gym goer, in which she often encountered locker rooms solely stocked with aerosol deodorants, many of which she said contained potentially harmful ingredients. 

“That was a lightbulb moment, where I was like, ‘I think we can make a spray deodorant version of our stick deodorant,’ which is better for the environment and a better experience for a small locker room setting,” Moret said.

With this partnership, Curie and Equinox seek to ensure that even beyond their workout, club members are able to make health-conscious choices about the products that go on their bodies.