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Daniel Martin Has Made a Mushroom Leather Makeup Brush Holder

The celebrity makeup artist has joined forces with leather alternative manufacturer MycoWorks on an ultra-limited-edition makeup brush roll.

Daniel Martin, celebrity makeup artist and Tatcha’s global director of artistry and education, has partnered with MycoWorks, the creators of a leather alternative, to create a reishi leather makeup brush roll.

The partners met during the pandemic, and Martin said the collection was years in the making. 

“This friendship grew from that over like two years, and they asked, ‘if you ever got a hold of this material, what would you create?’ I had this brush roll that I’ve had for almost 20 years that I’ve always wanted to recreate,” Martin said.

“They gave me the opportunity to do it in this incredible natural leather.”

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MycoWorks’s reishi mushroom leather has to be grown to size, so each roll is made to order. There are only three produced, and only two of them will be sold.

“I want to auction two of them off for charity,” Martin said. “If we can get it at a really cool place and it helps somebody out, that’s nice. But so much of the partnership was just understanding the material, understanding the brand.”

Martin joins a range of collaborators with MycoWorks, including Hermès.

“As a company founded by two artists, MycoWorks is always eager to collaborate with artists and artisans from other fields who share our values and vision. Daniel is an excellent representation of this. His devotion to creativity, aesthetics and craft aligns with ours,” said Xevi Gallego, artist and MycoWorks’ vice president of brand and marketing. “Reishi is a new kind of natural, luxury material that can be used anywhere leather or leather alternatives are used — and do more. It has been adopted by industries spanning fashion, home décor, automotive and art — and we see opportunities for it in beauty and beyond.”