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Danielle Lauder Readies Makeup Launch

The great-granddaughter of Estée Lauder has created a seven-item collection for the brand.

For its latest product collaboration, Estée Lauder is keeping it in the family. Literally.

Danielle Lauder, the great-granddaughter of Estée Lauder, granddaughter of chairman emeritus Leonard A. Lauder and daughter of executive chairman William P. Lauder, will launch a limited-edition, seven-item makeup collection for the brand in January.

The 25-year-old is the first of the family’s fourth generation to take an active role in the company’s activities.

Lauder, a classically trained actress who is based in Los Angeles, named her collection Act IV, a reference both to her heritage and to the closing act of a movie. Brand executives declined to provide specifics about the line, but said the collection will consist of seven products and will launch via select influencer and retailer partnerships.

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“Act IV is a perfect blend of my heritage in beauty and my passion for acting,” said Lauder in a statement, “taking inspiration from my life in Hollywood to provide multifaceted makeup products for every woman to add a touch of glamour to her day.”

That ethos would have appealed to her great-grandmother, who wrote in her autobiography, “A Success Story,” that as a child she dreamed of being an actress “with her name in lights,” and once quipped, “Be strong, be confident, be the star of your own life.”

Danielle Lauder said that her passion for beauty and glamour stem from both Estée Lauder and her grandmother, Evelyn H. Lauder. She graduated from Northwestern University, where she studied film and theater, and has had starring roles in “The Charnel House,” a psychological thriller, and “The Stanford Prison Experiment,” a dramatic thriller.

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She has dipped her toes into the family firm before, though. In April 2018, she had a role in a short film Estée Lauder produced when the brand named Karlie Kloss a global ambassador.

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