David Beckham

LONDON — “Over the last 20 years I’ve had a lot of different hairstyles – mostly good, some not so good,” said David Beckham, while presenting his new, and first, grooming line, called House 99.

Beckham’s most regrettable coif? Cornrows, without a doubt.

“I remember in the South of France, and I think I might have had a glass of wine or two, and one of my friends was with me who was great at doing cornrows. I was like: ‘Yeah, do my hair – go on – it keeps getting in the way,’” Beckham told WWD in an interview.

But that style wasn’t fit for the field. “I get back to work, go to training, and head the ball for the first time. And it’s like so much pain from the cornrows being so tight,” he bemoaned.

Beckham said he long cared about the hairstyles he sported. “Maybe that came from my mum…a hairdresser,” he said. “Even from a very young age, I always wanted my hair to look cool.”

Yet what seemed cool to him didn’t always pass muster with Mother Beckham.

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“I remember back in the day I always wanted my hair to be spiked up, and then I saw this football player that I really liked at the time, and he had [what] was straight on top and then he had a tight curl-type perm on the back. I never had that because my mom wouldn’t let me,” Beckham said with a laugh.

To help people replicate his hairstyles, House 99 — due out starting in February — has 21 products for beards, shaving, face, body, tattoos and hair. It includes Smooth Back shaping pomade, Change It Up texturizing clay and Going Strong styling gel.

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