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Dermalogica Ups Product Launches, Digital Programs

The brand's integrating specific digital and in-store tie-ins tailored to new releases.

Dermalogica is amping up its product releases this year.

The Unilever-owned brand, which typically sees two major launches per year, decided to adopt a non-traditional cadence to introduce new products for 2017, according to Mathew Divaris, vice president of global marketing at Dermalogica.

The brand has four launches slated for the year, with the third — Nightly Lip Treatment — hitting counters June 8. Daily Superfoliant, a $58 powder exfoliant with a “pronounced secondary benefit” of containing pollution fighting properties, came out Jan. 3 and Stress Positive Eye Lift, a $65 eye treatment designed to reduce the appearance of pigmentation (dark circles), bowed April 6. While vague about the fourth product that will come to market in the fall, Divaris said it’s a type of cleanser “built on the legacy of an existing product that was the first to change the way people thought about cleansing their skin.”

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Dermalogica has also for the first time integrated specific digital and in-store tie-ins tailored to each product introduction. It’s part of a lifestyle approach, Divaris explained, which brings education and an interactive component to coincide with new reveals.

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“With each launch we help people understand how the environment and lifestyle they lead impacts their skin health and give them tangible solutions that help them address the issues,” Divaris said of the brand’s recently adopted digital first approach.

For instance, with Daily Superfoliant the brand launched a pollution widget which let customers look up their location online and see how much the air pollution in their area is affecting skin health. Concurrently, Dermalogica rolled out an in-store Face Fit program in retail locations such as Ulta Beauty, which offers 10 minute services for $10. For Superfoliant specifically, a Detox Face Fit was designed for use in tandem with the product and online widget, and for Stress Positive Eye Lift, an Eye Lift Face Fit was available to customers.

Divaris said the digital tie-in for the upcoming Nightly Lip Treatment asks consumers to upload a photo of themselves to get an indication of what age the technology thinks they are based on the skin around their lip. In store, a Lip Smoothing Face Fit will be an option for shoppers.

“Structural degradation in the lip area really does make someone look older. If we can get the skin into its optimal health, it actually reduces your perceived age quite dramatically,” Divaris pointed out.

The treatment is designed for use on lips as well as the region beneath the nose, smile and laugh lines, but unlike a flood of lip products designed to enlarge the lips, it’s not a lip plumper. The antiaging formula is designed to hydrate, firm and reduce fine lines to give a smoother appearance in the whole perioral area.

“We’re introducing consumers who aren’t typically getting services from qualified professional skin therapists,” he added. “Now, they are able to have an interaction with a skin professional who has been trained by Dermalogica…to give personalized advice about their skin, which we see as a big differentiator for the brand.”