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Dermarché Labs Adds SVP to Amp Branding

Esther Dong is charged with raising the profile of the brand among beauty shoppers.

If you don’t recognize the name Dermarché Labs, Esther Dong has a lot of work to do.

The new senior vice president, general manager of the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based skin-care brand is charged with raising its profile among beauty shoppers. Launched in 2013 by former leaders of Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp., the injectables marketer that catapulted Dysport, Perlane and Restylane into doctor’s offices, Dermarché Labs has been overshadowed by its initial products Roloxin Lift and Fullfill, and is tweaking its approach to emphasize the company behind the merchandise.

“A lot of people don’t necessarily know Dermarché Labs. They may know what Roloxin Lift and Fullfill are, but we are trying to brand not only the products, but also our overall effort as Dermarché Labs. We need to get out there,” Dong said. “Our heritage is in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. How do we express that in a clear way? That value proposition is very important in the long run.”

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Dermarché Labs has built upon its aesthetics legacy with its products, even if that background hasn’t been broadcast loudly enough. The brand introduced Roloxin Lift to provide instant wrinkle-zapping results, and Fullfill to improve facial volume, a hallmark of dermal fillers. Priced from $45 to $89, the products have been picked up by retailers such as Sephora, Nordstrom, Space NK, QVC and Cos Bar.

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“There are a lot of antiaging products in the market, but who has time for them? Roloxin is for right now. Say you have a wedding to go to or a hot date or you just want to look better, you put it on and seven minutes later, you look like a different person,” said Dong, who stressed the appeal of immediate gratification is widespread. “In the beginning, we thought our sweet spot was 40-plus. Now, I don’t think so. There are people in their 30s or younger thinking about prevention. They really don’t want their skin to age, so the earlier they do something, the better.”

On top of advancing brand awareness, Dong will vet skin-care concepts Dermarché Labs is considering to help determine appropriate follow-ups to Roloxin Lift and Fullfill. In the fall, the brand plans to unveil two major products. Dong described one of them as involving “a completely different type of antioxidant” and the other as a “night treatment with molecules that help rejuvenate your skin.” She continued, “This company has so much potential in terms of technology that hasn’t been in the consumer market. We are committed to high-performance skin care.”

Before joining Dermarché Labs, Dong spent five years at AmorePacific as senior vice president of sales and marketing. While there, she shepherded the Korean beauty company’s products into U.S. department stores and beauty specialty retailers as the Korean beauty trend crescendoed, and guided expansion into Canada. Prior to AmorePacific, Dong held positions at L’Oreal, Skaffles Group and Coty.