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Dermatologists and Aestheticians Ready Celeb Skin for Met Gala

New York skin experts are seeing an influx of clients looking to glow at this year's event.

New Yorkers are prepping more than just their outfits for this year’s Met Gala — they’re plotting their glow.

Celebs, models, socialites and the like are heading to some of New York’s top dermatologists and aestheticians in order to get their skin in red carpet condition before the big day.

“For this one, there is just more energy and more buzz than I’ve ever seen,” said Upper East Side dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, who said in a recent five-day span, he saw about 30 patients seeking to prep their skin — and bodies — for the event.

For glow, Gross suggested one of his popular Alpha Beta peels, which use a blend of acids to exfoliate the skin’s top layer. The treatment is meant to “freshen the skin,” takes seven minutes and has no downtime. “It’s just something that makes the skin beautifully radiant and firms the texture to make lines and wrinkles look better,” Gross said.

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He also recommends the 3-D laser treatment, which takes about 25 minutes, in order to stimulate collagen and tighten and lift the skin. (It works on the face as well as the neck.) “This is something you can do just before the event or you can do a series [a few] weeks out,” Gross said. If discoloration — either redness or brown spots — is a concern, Gross recommends an IPL, or intense-pulsed light, treatment to help even the skin tone.

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Dennis Gross
Dr. Dennis Gross

“Those are the big three,” he said, adding that they can all be done in one shot. “This is a cocktail approach of multitasking to cover the most important things for people who want to look fresh, quickly,” Gross added.

For the body, he recommends a procedure called SculpSure, which uses a fat reduction laser to aim to break up fat deposits in a noninvasive way. It works well for the stomach area, thighs and “bra fat” region, according to Gross.

With her fashionable clientele and Upper East Side location, the Met Gala is a busy season for facialist Georgia Louise of Georgia Louise Atelier. “They’re so busy getting everyone else ready, so they don’t have much time for themselves,” said Louise of her clients — a host of editors, stylists, makeup artists and designers. Speaking to WWD via phone three weeks before the big night, Louise noted that skin prep should start several weeks out. “I try to get them in once a week [starting now] ­— this week is when it starts to get crazy for me.”

Georgia Louise at Georgia Louse Atelier.
Georgia Louise at Georgia Louse Atelier.

Louise recommends three facials in three weeks, where she lifts and tightens the skin with a combination of radio-frequency and microcurrent, and uses oxygen to make it look dewy. Some VIP clients will book facials the day of to ensure optimal glow. “For any of the fashion events, everyone wants their skin shiny and cheeks lifted,” Louise said. “It’s about glossy, glossy skin and high cheeks and brows.”

This year, Louise is shifting focus to the rest of the body as well. “I just started doing the FIT Bodywrap — it’s an infrared body wrap that heats up the body and breaks down collagen and fat so you sweat out fat and toxins,” Louise said. “It’s great if you want to lose a few inches and feel amazing in your dress.”

For Tracie Martyn’s celebrity clientele, who include Donna Karan, Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Winslet and Rihanna, according to cofounder Marius Morariu, the signature Red Carpet Facial is the pre-Met Gala go-to. The treatment combines a microcurrent and oxygen facial with LED treatments to give clients the appearance of tighter, lifted, glowing skin and de-puffed eyes, Morariu said. “It makes you look like you had a vacation,” he added, noting it was the treatment Rihanna got before the Met Gala in 2015.

For a slightly more intense regimen, Lauren Abramowitz of Park Avenue Skin Solutions suggests a series of treatments over a two-week period.

Dermatologists and Aestheticians Ready Celeb Skin for Met Gala
Lauren Abramowitz from Park Avenue Skin Solutions.

“I would do a chemical peel, where you get an actual peel but you peel within two to three days, followed by a light therapy treatment, followed by a little bit of PRP [platelet-rich plasma treatment] and microneedling and your skin will look gorgeous for the Met [Gala],” she said.

A few weeks out, Abramowitz suggests a treatment with the AquaGold microneedling device, which uses 24-karat gold needles to inject a solution several layers down into the skin and should produce a “plump” and “glowy” effect. It is made specifically for each client but can contain fillers or Botox.