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Dia Foley’s Community Sixty-Six Launches at Sephora

With her brand Community Sixty-Six, Dia Foley seeks to encourage a “less is more” approach to skin care.

It takes roughly two months to form a habit, and about six for beauty industry vet Dia Foley to get her skin care brand onto 

Having soft launched in January, Foley’s Community Sixty-Six — whose name is a nod to the European Journal of Social Psychology’s finding that it takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic launched in its entirety on the Sephora website on July 5, available for purchase by U.S. consumers. 

Rooted in the premise that skin care is a process best left uncomplicated, the brand consists of nine stockkeeping units, ranging from $16 for its detoxifying and hydrating cleansers, to $35 for the Resurfacing Night Cream. 

“Starting off d-to-c was great for us, because the whole principle behind the brand being a community comes, for me, first and foremost,” said Foley. “In the long run, I was always aiming for Sephora. We’re very well aligned; I have a past relationship with them, and I support their values.”

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An alum of Canadian skin care brand Indeed Laboratories and former general manager of The Inkey List, Foley now seeks to accelerate the rise of minimalist skin care, which she feels was once a hot-button topic but has faded from the fore following a recent influx of ingredients to the beauty lexicon. 

“I think, unfortunately, people associate simple with not efficacious,” Foley said. “What we’re doing with Community Sixty-Six is reestablishing that simple is actually harder to develop a lot of time, rather than just throwing a bunch of stuff together without much thought.”

The line includes an eye cream, a hybrid makeup melting balm and cleanser, moisturizers designed for different skin types and an SPF 30 moisturizer, which launched in May. Key ingredients include hyaluronic acid, retinol, azelaic acid, niacinamide, goji berry, caffeine, salicylic acid and squalane. 

Dia did not comment on sales expectations, but industry sources pegged the brand to do around $10 million in retail sales during its first year on the market. 

Said Foley, “Rather than playing bathroom chemist for hours, you can just wash your face, moisturize your face, use SPF, then go live your life and maximize your time on Earth. That’s the premise of the brand, and what I believe in.”

While the brand is currently only available d-to-c and on the Sephora website, Foley foresees the brand entering brick-and-mortar stores in the near future, as well, saying the brand has endured promising growth since launching.

“We’re in this kind of hypercharged space of instant fixes. Part of the responsibility of the beauty industry is to be honest, to be transparent,” Foley said. “The intent with Community Sixty-Six was partly to make people conscious of staying consistent to see results — and more products doesn’t mean better results.”


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