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EXCLUSIVE: Dior Taps Influencer and Aesthetician Sean Garrette as U.S. Skin Care Expert

Garrette is the brand’s second skin care ambassador, succeeding celebrity aesthetician Joanna Czech.

Dior Beauty is doubling down on its skin care offerings with a new brand ambassador.

The luxury beauty brand has tapped influencer and aesthetician Sean Garrette as its new U.S. skin care expert. Garrette, who has an Instagram following of more than 88,000, is Dior Beauty’s second skin care ambassador, succeeding celebrity aesthetician Joanna Czech who held the role from 2020 to 2021.

“I was in this space where I had moved from just creating content on social media and working more with brands and helping them create educational content and strategies to reach a large amount of people,” Garrette said about the partnership. “It wasn’t just to talk about a new product, but talk about the science and effectiveness behind it. For Dior, they have amazing skin care, but my job was to come in and be able to educate the customer on why the skin care was so good, why Dior makes the products they do and how customers can incorporate the products into their routines.”

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Garrette is known on his own social media platforms for creating educational videos around skin care, like how to create a skin care routine with any budget or how to address certain concerns like acne or hyperpigmentation. He is bringing over this practice to Dior, creating content that educates the Dior customer on the products and how to use them.

The influencer has been in the beauty space for roughly a decade, turning his passion for the category into his full-time job by working at beauty counters and later going to aesthetician school and starting his own skin care practice.

Seeing that there was a gap in the beauty industry on information surrounding skin care for people of color, he decided to focus on the category and use his social media platform as an educational tool.

“I just never thought that I would have a career in beauty,” he said. “Being an aesthetician, I didn’t see a lot of male aestheticians — especially Black male aestheticians — so I never really thought it was a career path that I could have. When I started, I really started my social media as a landing page for people of color to find products, especially sunscreens and skin care products that worked for their skin because there wasn’t a lot of education around that. Even in school, we would go through our books and you didn’t really see any of these skin conditions addressed for skin of color. I took that as my way to educate people that looked like me.”

Garrette started his social media following by sharing his tips and recommendations on Twitter, then later started creating educational videos on Instagram. He explained that while he does work on paid partnerships with brands, his social media strategy has always been about transparency so that his followers get accurate and informational content.

“I always try to come from an honest and transparent place around the products that I’m recommending because the thing is, as an aesthetician, I ethically have this thing at the back of my head that any of my followers I treat them as my clients,” he said. “I want them to have the best results and to use the best products. So, my strategy isn’t a strategy. I just treat my following as my clients. The same way that I would treat a client that is coming in for a facial, it’s the same way I’d treat someone who is in my DMs looking for solutions for hyperpigmentation.”

Garrette explained that his goal with the Dior partnership is to grow the brand’s customer base and educate more people on the benefits and innovations the Dior Beauty products offer.

“I feel like the [Dior] skin care can be a little underrated, especially in the luxury sector” he said. “I think people push it off when they see luxury beauty — they think maybe it’s not as effective, but from my experience with Dior, they make really good, effective skin care. We just need to broaden the message and bring in a new customer and bring Dior’s messaging and brand standards into the current day.”


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