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Dior Plans For Swimsuit Season And Beyond

PARIS -- Wary of baring all in an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polkadot bikini this summer? Parfums Christian Dior thinks it has the solution: Bikini, a trio of new slimming products.

While Dior executives refused to divulge numbers,...

PARIS — Wary of baring all in an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polkadot bikini this summer? Parfums Christian Dior thinks it has the solution: Bikini, a trio of new slimming products.

While Dior executives refused to divulge numbers, industry sources estimate that the line could do about $17.6 million in its first year. All global figures were converted from the euro at current exchange rates.

The collection replaces Dior’s three-year-old Body Light slimming line. It includes one product to combat cellulite, Bikini Anti-Cellulite — called Bikini Minceur in the U.S. — for the hips, thighs and buttocks; one to target water retention in the stomach and legs, Bikini Anti-Aqua — Bikini Tonicite in the U.S. — and another to fight slacking skin, Bikini Anti-Age — Bikini Revitalisation in the U.S.

“Women have many different problems,” explained Leila Rochet Podvin, marketing director for skin care at Dior in Paris. “We decided to personalize our offer so it is adaptable to specific needs, like it is in the facial skin care segment.”

All Bikini products purportedly stimulate the production of the molecules that act as appetite suppressors for fat cells.

Both the Anti-Cellulite and Anti-Aqua come in a 200-ml. spray that will retail for $35 globally, $48 in the U.S. Bikini Anti-Age comes in a 200-ml. pump that will sell for $43 globally, $55 in the U.S.

Bikini will be launched globally from March through April. In the U.S., it launches in April in a limited segment of Dior distribution — Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Burdines doors only. At the same time, an advertising campaign styled by Dior’s women’s wear designer John Galliano will break. It is the second ad Galliano has reworked for the brand, following Dune’s.

“We wanted real coherence [between our beauty and fashion images],” explained Rochet Podvin. “So we wanted to try with [Galliano] to create a universe of slimming glamour.”

The single and double-paged ads, photographed by Nick Knight, feature bikini-clad model Lindsey Fridmondt with a sunny skyscape in the background.

Also water-related is Dior’s latest face care product, Hydra Move, meant to moisturize skin immediately by stimulating water circulation within the skin and retaining water between its cells. The product is currently launching in Europe and Asia and will roll out to the U.S. this month.

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Industry sources estimate Hydra Move will ring up about $5 million in wholesale volume its first year.

Both the 50-ml. jar of Hydra-Move Creme and 50-ml. pump of Hydra-Move Fluide SPF 10 will sell for about $38 abroad; in the U.S., the suggested retail price for each is $42.

That’s not all the company has on its launch schedule for this spring. Diane Miles, senior vice president of marketing for Dior’s U.S. beauty business, has a wide variety of both new additions and limited-edition products planned for the brand’s U.S. doors — which currently total about 800, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Nordstrom — this spring.

In March, No Age Eyes will join the No Age line. The eye cream, including the proprietary Ageproof Complex, is designed to combat puffiness and dark circles and will retail for $50 in the U.S. for 0.5 oz. The eyes will still have it in May, when Dior rolls out Model Lift Eyes, a sister to the existing Model Lift Face. Model Lift Eyes is intended to lift and firm the eye area. “Within a month, eyes will look better defined and contours will be visibly sharper,” said Miles. It retails for $48 for 0.5 oz.

Miles, who noted last August that plenty of additions — including a nail polish collection — were planned for the Dior Addict collection, is following through on that promise in April. At that time, Dior will roll out 20 shades of fast-drying nail enamel, each retailing for $16, as well as 12 new shades of Dior Addict lipstick, each retailing for $22. Miles has said that her goal is to increase Dior’s lip business by 50 percent in 2002, and part of that strategy is to target a younger consumer. Dior Addict’s target customer is 25-to-45 years old; in the past, upward of 50 percent of Dior’s lipstick customers have been in the 45-to-60-year-old age range.

Higher Dior, the men’s fragrance line launched in the U.S. last fall, will get new ancillaries in April. They include Higher Soap, $16 for 5.2 oz.; Higher Deodorant Stick, $17 for 2.2 oz.; Higher Non-Irritating Shaving Gel, $17 for 5 oz., and Higher After Shave Balm, $40 for 3.4 oz. Also in April, Dior Bronze, a five-stockkeeping unit self-tanning collection, will launch. It includes Face Bronze, $25 for 1.7 oz.; Face Super Bronze, $25 for 1.7 oz.; Body Bronze, $26 for 4.2 oz.; Body Super Bronze, $26 for 4.2 oz.; and Body Bronze Spray, $26 for 4.2 oz. “The Bronze products give the skin a glow once they are applied, and deliver an even, natural-looking tan in less than an hour,” said Miles.

In May, Dior will add to its Dior Snow lineup with Aqua Mousse Whitening Cleanser, $27.50 for 4.2 oz.; Whitening Revitalizing Cream, $42.50 for 1.7 oz.; Intensive Whitening Mask, $55 for 1.7 oz.; Illuminating Protective Base SPF 35, $85 for 1.7 oz., and Whitening Spot Corrector SPF 45, $57 for 0.5 oz.

Two limited-edition products are also on tap for the U.S. market: J’Adore Perfumed Sparkling Body Powder in April, and Fahrenheit Summer, a warm-weather tweak of the classic Fahrenheit scent, in May.

The body powder is contained in a puff and retails for $35 for 0.35 oz. Fahrenheit Summer, the lighter interpretation of Fahrenheit, features top notes of sparkling citrus, middle notes of violet and sandalwood, blended with new floral notes — including freesia — for a light summer touch, and base notes of amber, patchouli and cedar. It retails for $45 for a 3.4 oz. spray. – Brid Costello, Jennifer Weil, Paris and Julie Naughton, New York.