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Dior Breaks Silence on Sauvage Campaign: ‘We Are Deeply Sorry’

The campaign, starring Johnny Depp, drew backlash from social media users, who claimed it was culturally appropriative.

Two weeks after teasing its controversial Sauvage fragrance campaign, Dior has released an official statement on the matter.

The fashion house teased the campaign, which featured Johnny Depp, who has been the face of the fragrance since 2015, on Aug. 30. Incorporating elements of Native American culture, the campaign was a collaboration between the House of Dior and representatives of Americans for Indian Opportunity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the cultural, political and economic rights of Indigenous people globally.

Still, the teaser was met with much backlash from social media, with users claiming that it was culturally appropriative. Dior took down the video that same day and has kept silent on the matter — until now.

Today, the House of Dior released an official statement on the Sauvage campaign, apologizing for any offense it caused and confirming that the full version of it will not be released.

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“The House of Dior has long been committed to promoting diversity and has no tolerance for discrimination in any form,” reads the official statement from the House of Dior. “Recently, a film trailer for the Sauvage fragrance was posted on social media and immediately withdrawn. We are deeply sorry for any offense caused by this new advertising campaign, which was meant to be a celebration of the beauty, dignity and grace of the contemporary Native American culture. As a consequence, we have decided not to release this version of the campaign.”

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In Dior’s Sauvage teaser video from last month, Depp was seen playing guitar music that was inspired by a song called “Rumble” by Link Wray, who is a Shawnee guitarist. Dior consulted with AIO on all aspects of the shoot, such as the script, location and costumes, including the traditional dress worn by the dancer and woman. Dior also confirmed to WWD that representatives from AIO were on the set of the shoot.

Social media’s overwhelmingly negative reaction to the campaign ultimately led Dior to take down its teaser video. Depp is said to still be a part of the forthcoming campaign, which will be edited. There is no date currently set for the release of that edited version.

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