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EXCLUSIVE: Direct Seller Monat Expands Into Complexion

The brand has launched its first BB cream, coming in nine shades and infused with a slew of moisturizing skin care ingredients.

Direct seller Monat is riding the hybrid beauty product wave into the complexion category. 

Launching Tuesday, the brand’s BB Cream SPF 40 Broad-Spectrum Moisturizer comes in nine shades and is formulated with vitamin E and Monat’s proprietary Rejuveniqe S, a botanical-based oil made with jojoba seed extract, olive oil and other moisturizing ingredients. The BB cream retails for $49.

“During the pandemic, we saw that skin care really grew for us as consumers were wearing less makeup,” said Monat’s chief marketing officer Gina Ghura. “As we emerge from the pandemic there’s been a slow adoption back into makeup, but still skin care-focused.” 

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For Monat, which is best known for its antiaging hair care products and launched its first skin care range in 2019 (which did $4 million in 36 hours, as WWD previously reported), followed by a wellness line in 2020, complexion seemed like a logical next step. 

“We didn’t want to say we’re getting into color cosmetics at this point, but we wanted to do something that was new, different and unique for our company,” said Alan Meyers, senior vice president and chief scientific officer at Monat, adding that, in developing the BB cream, the brand sought to create a zinc oxide formula that wouldn’t leave a white cast when applied to darker skin tones. 

While Ghura and Meyers did not comment on sales expectations for the launch, industry sources estimate Monat’s BB cream could do $40 million during its first year on the market. 

Built on a direct-selling business model, Monat’s direct sales force consists of more than 250,000 “market partners” who bring the brand to new customers in addition to recruiting other sellers. 

Monat is the biggest brand from Alcora, which also owns Hairgurt and body care brand Pardon My Pretty. The parent company ranked number 55 on Beauty Inc’s list of the top 100 beauty manufacturers in 2021, posting $632.5 million in sales for the year.

“We really work closely within our community to help define how we move forward with product development,” Ghura said, noting that how far the brand delves into complexion depends on whether the category’s momentum persists. 

Data from Spate indicates there has been an average of 173,500 monthly U.S. Google searches for BB cream in the U.S. in 2022, with interest having spiked in May.

“We remain very open to what’s trending and what will help make our market partners successful. We’ll see how [the BB cream] performs in the market and then make decisions on where we need to go next,” Ghura said.