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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Euphoria’ Makeup Artist Donni Davy Named Boxycharm’s First Chief Makeup Artist 

The makeup artist will create tutorials and share tips on using the beauty subscription box’s products and products from her own Half Magic beauty brand.

Donni Davy is bringing her makeup expertise to Boxycharm.

The “Euphoria” makeup department head and cofounder of Half Magic Beauty is joining beauty subscription service Boxycharm as the company’s first chief makeup artist for fall 2022. Davy will be working with Boxycharm to create tutorials and share tips on how to use the products in each Boxycharm mailer, including products from her own makeup brand. 

“Boxycharm wanted to really bring me in to put my own spin on things so I can teach tips and tricks on how to use the products that are in those boxes and kind of do it my way or offer my perspective on them,” Davy said. “I’m definitely excited to put my own spin on that and sort of get into the looks and giving tips on some of the looks that are my signature looks that I’m known for.” 

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Davy, who won an Emmy for her work on “Euphoria,” is known for her signature graphic and colorful makeup looks, which she also infused in her own Half Magic Beauty line that she launched earlier this year. With Boxycharm, she’s offering tutorials on how to create an array of makeup looks, ranging from simple to bold. Davy’s tutorials will be found on the Boxycharm and Half Magic Beauty social media accounts.

In addition to Boxycharm’s regular monthly mailers, the subscription service is offering a Half Magic Beauty bundle in September, which offers a five-piece set from Davy’s brand that’s valued at $88. 

“We have a really fun new modern take on a graphic eyeliner look and definitely a rhinestone look that’s connected to a Half Magic demo,” she said about her tutorials. “We’re also doing some more easy, quick beauty stuff, too, like something I’ve been trying to bring back it tight-lining your eyes and how that makes your eyes bigger, not smaller, so it’s kind of doing some extravagant tutorials and some realistic, grounded ones to do on the daily.” 

Davy also explained that while she’s not recreating any specific “Euphoria” beauty looks, customers can find tutorials for similar graphic looks from her partnership with Boxycharm.

“‘Euphoria’ looks are so part of like the visual makeup language that I speak, so I think whenever I do a makeup look, it can be traced back to the heart and soul that is ‘Euphoria’ makeup,” she explained. “But definitely there are some looks that look like they could be on the show for sure.” 

Through the partnership, Davy hopes that her tutorials and tips will make makeup application and creating graphic beauty looks easier for customers.

“My biggest hope is that people can hop in and do those looks and feel maybe more comfortable about it or more inspired and show it’s actually simple and there aren’t as many rules as people thought there were,” she said. “It can inspire people to jump in and try things that’s out of their comfort zone and maybe they can feel empowered after.” 

While it’s only been a few months since Davy launched Half Magic Beauty, she’s quickly grown the brand with multiple product launches and partnerships. She explained she has plans to continue growing the brand with more products set to launch this year and next. 

“The timeline is really challenging and there’s never a chill day,” Davy explained. “There’s always deadlines and shifting dates and you think everything can come in on time and then you have to kind of reorganize everything to work with these challenges. So, it’s a lot of troubleshooting, which I actually love. I think one of my skills is creative problem solving. I do that a lot on set and I think that’s one of my jobs as a department head and as a creative director.”