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Baby Dove to Launch in U.S.

The Unilever-owned brand is entering the baby category with eight products.

Dove is bringing up baby.

The Unilever-owned personal-care brand entered the baby category two years ago in international markets, and today, it is introducing Baby Dove to the U.S., along with Canada and the U.K.

“It’s a real opportunity to bring what Dove has important strengths in for over 60 years — providing mildness and moisture for skin and hair,” said Nick Soukas, vice president of marketing for Dove. “We feel like Baby Dove is going to bring something very different in terms of superior care to baby skin. Dove will only enter new categories when we have a clearly unique offering. We spent years studying unique aspects of baby skin.”

The line consists of eight stockkeeping units, including bar soaps, baby washes, shampoo, lotions and wipes. The products are divided into two different ranges — rich moisture and sensitive moisture. Sensitive moisture, which is fragrance free, was formulated with the U.S. market in mind. Prices range from $2.49 for wipes to $5.99 for lotions and washes.

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The products will be available in mass food and drug channels, as well as Babies ‘R’ Us — a new retailer for Dove — and Amazon, which Soukas noted will be a key part of the business due to parents ordering baby products online. “E-commerce is a really important part of the baby market. It’s going to be significantly overdeveloped versus the rest of the business. It’s an important channel we’re focusing on,” said Soukas, who declined to give specific figures.

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True to Dove’s emphasis on social consciousness, the brand is entering the U.S. with an emotional campaign challenging stereotypes of what it means to be a good parent. Dove’s research indicates that nine out of 10 mothers feel pressure to be the perfect parent, but 84 percent feel that being a “perfect parent” is an outdated standard. It also found that Millennial moms are looking for ways to fit their babies into their existing lives, without giving up aspects they enjoyed prior to parenthood.

Dove will launch the #RealMoms campaign on its YouTube channel with a video showcasing “an inclusive portrait of modern parenthood.”

“Looking at opportunity in the baby market, there’s a real disconnect today about how real moms are living their lives and the stereotypes portrayed in the media of motherhood and perfect parenting,” Soukas said.

The campaign will play out on television, as well as on digital and social media.

Baby Dove is also sold in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and India.