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Dove Launches #LoveYourHair Campaign

The Unilever-owned brand wants women to ignore societal pressures and wear their hair as they choose to.

Dove wants women to love their hair.

Continuing its efforts to promote diversity and broaden the stereotypical image of beauty in society, the Unilever-owned brand is launching its #LoveYourHair campaign today.

The campaign revolves around an 85-second short film, released this morning on YouTube and blasted out on Dove’s social media channels. The film challenges viewers to defy the conventional norms of hair wisdom — for instance, curly hair should be straightened and Asian women shouldn’t have blonde hair — by featuring women with a variety of hair textures, colors and styles expressing what they love about the way they choose to wear and style their hair.

The campaign is backed by a Dove Hair study that found that 86 percent of U.S. women believe that media and society put pressure on women to have hair that looks a certain way.

“A friend once told me if I put color back in my hair, it would make me look better,” says Leecie, a gray-haired woman at the beginning of the film. “Stop saying gray hair isn’t beautiful, because it is,” she continues.

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Rob Candelino, vice president of marketing for Unilever in the U.S., noted that the #LoveYourHair campaign was born out of insights gleaned from last year’s Love Your Curls campaign. “[We discovered] a need in society for this kind of narrative, said Candelino. “We wanted to broaden the aperture to talk about all hair types, textures and colors.”

The new campaign encourages women to ignore societal pressure to wear their hair a certain way by sharing their individual hairstyles on social media using the hashtag #LoveYourHair.

“The barometer of beautiful hair is hers and hers alone — it shouldn’t be measured by any external entity,” said Candelino. “[It’s a] long overdue need to change the discourse. [We aim to] inspire all women to wear their hair the way they choose to wear it.”