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Dr. Perricone’s New Venture: Hydrogen Water

The founder of Perricone MD skin-care is planning to sell 100 million cans of water within his new product's first year on shelves.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is betting on water as his next big beauty breakthrough.

The dermatologist, who is best known for his Perricone MD skin-care line, is launching a new venture this month called Dr. Perricone Hydrogen Water. The cans of water are not to be confused with standard bottled water — according to Dr. Perricone, the formulation is based on similar Japanese products that promise health and beauty benefits when consumed multiple times a day.

Priced at $3 for an 8-oz. can, Dr. Perricone is calling his Hydrogen Water “a nutritional magic bullet” as well as “the ultimate beauty drink.”

The Hydrogen Water formula is simply hydrogen dissolved in water, and according to Dr. Perricone, its main benefit is that it staves off inflammation, which can age the skin and contribute to a host of health issues, including Alzheimer’s. “It’s an ideal molecule,” Dr. Perricone said of hydrogen. “It’s nontoxic, natural, contains antioxidants and can prevent inflammation.”

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Dr. Perricone has spent the majority of his career railing against inflammation, publishing a series of books on his signature anti-inflammatory diet plan, which he touts as the secret to preventing skin aging. His Perricone MD line also contains a range of supplements that have garnered a cult following over the years.

As consumers continue to make the connection between beauty and food, water was a logical next step for Dr. Perricone, who researched the popular Japanese product for almost a decade before deciding to launch his own hydrogen water company in the U.S. He told WWD that hydrogen water is the most therapeutic agent he has ever worked with.

“This has benefits for every disease category, and it’s so affordable,” said Dr. Perricone, who said his own research indicates that drinking three cans of hydrogen water per day could reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s. “I truly believe if we get this out into our country, we can really dramatically reduce the health-care costs.”

Dr. Perricone has big retail plans for the launch, noting that he is targeting any retailer that would traditionally carry sports drinks. He is planning to market the drink as a wellness product because of what he calls its “cognitive clearing effects”, which reduce brain fog and help muscles and joints recover after working out. “The distribution isn’t quite figured out yet, but it’s going to be where you see most beverages,” said Dr. Perricone, noting that aside from some testing he is doing in health clubs and Crossfit gyms, the drinks will start appearing in other retailers in the third quarter of 2017.

The drinks are available in two sizes — the 8-oz. can for $3 and a 12-oz. can for $3.50. Dr. Perricone noted that his production facility in Virginia, which is connected to a pure water source, has the capacity to produce 100 million cans of his water this year.

Dr. Perricone noted that he is still focused on skin care — he even has a topical hydrogen-related launch coming out this spring. But he also plans to expand his water venture to include more drinks, including adding hydrogen to iced tea and berry-based beverages. “I’d like to see us do as well as the big energy drinks,” said Dr. Perricone. “I know they’re selling 5 billion cans a year, and I think we can be there in five years in terms of international efforts.” And watch out, Japan. “We want to move very quickly into the international market,” said Dr. Perricone. “Japan is the major market, but Korea is starting to wake up to the benefits, and maybe Malaysia. I’m looking to bring the highest-quality [water] as quickly as I can.”