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By the Numbers: E-girls Overtake Google Search

The e-girl aesthetic dominating TikTok is seeing an explosion in Internet searches, too.

Alternative aesthetics from the Nineties and 2000s are getting a second life on TikTok, and thanks to their extreme beauty looks, a boost online. Most notably, the e-girl aesthetic has seen an explosion in searches for the month of July. The looks, which often involve neon-dyed or multicolored hair, colorful eye shadow and face stamps, have gained mainstream recognition as a result of their TikTok popularity but have been a part of the cultural dialogue since before then, said Yarden Horwitz, cofounder of Spate. “It’s the online version of high school stereotypes evolving,” she said. “When it becomes this idea of a subculture, it’s also people trying to connect with each other based on a certain look or aesthetic.” While tutorials are popular searches, the products and looks inquired about emphasize eye makeup and hair color. “There’s so much creativity,” Horwitz said. “The fact that kids feel OK to be creative and express themselves in interesting, artsy looks is a good thing.” Here, the top 10 e-girl related searches for the month of July.

• E-girl makeup: +412.77%
• E-girl hair: +261.7%
• Freckle pen: +185.4%
• Split hair dye:  +166.9%
• Curtain bangs: +141.1%
• Pastel eyeshadow: +90.5%
• Heart stamp eyeliner: +62.2%
• Neon hair dye: +56.9%
• Pink permanent hair dye: +51.3%
• Colored bangs: +45.5%

Source: Spate, July 2020

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