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Editor’s Letter: Express Yourself

Although Clinique’s sales figures speak for themselves, Lynne Greene, its global president, believes in making your voice heard.

Although Clinique’s sales figures speak for themselves—the brand is posting blistering growth in skin care and makeup that’s almost twice the current industry average—Lynne Greene, its global president, believes in making your voice heard. It’s a lesson she learned early on, after earning a swift reprimand from a boss when she wasn’t forthcoming with a direct answer to a question she’d been asked. Since then, Greene has built a career on developing a strategic vision that’s as bold as her communications style. At Clinique, which she’s headed since 2006, Greene’s focus has been equally as direct: Respect the heritage of the brand and reinvent it for the future. Sounds so simple (simplicity is a key hallmark of Clinique), but boy, has it been successful. With its huge buzz-generating launches of late, like Even Better Clinical, Chubby Sticks and Bottom Lash Mascara, Clinique has become the brand to beat, making Greene the perfect cover story for this, WWD Beauty Inc’s first Power Issue. Discover Greene’s vision, and how she’s executed it, in “On Top of the World” on page 32.

The nine people featured in “Revolution In Bloom” are no strangers to bold visions, either, but there’s a good chance they’ll be strangers to the beauty community. Each comes from an industry outside of ours—one is a robotics expert, another is a graphic designer who has developed an intriguing, and very revelatory, system for analyzing numbers, another is the sage of social media—but what they all have in common is the ability to impact how we see the world and do business. Find out who they are (and why they matter) on page 38.

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Power takes many different forms, not the least influence. Tom Pecheux is undoubtably one of the most influential makeup artists working today. A favorite of magazine editors, designers and supermodels alike, Pecheux has demonstrated the ability to bring his rarefied vision down to earth for real women, too, most recently in his work as creative director of makeup for Estée Lauder. A superchic Frenchman who seems equally at home in the worlds of prêt-à-porter and punk (he named his dog Sid Vicious), Pecheux brings all of his interests to bear in his work. To see what life is like for the artist during one of his most frenzied periods, we asked photojournalist Michael Nagle to trail Pecheux during New York Fashion Week in February. The results are in “Major Tom” on page 44. And for a complete overview of the major hair and makeup trends to emerge from the New York runways, turn to “Cool Rules” on page 11.

Elsewhere in this issue, you’ll find many different facets of beauty’s power—and powers-that-be. From an in-depth interview with Elizabeth Arden’s E. Scott Beattie to soaring to new heights with hair mogul Frédéric Fekkai, we’ve got the best of the business covered. Drop me a line at and let me know what you think.