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Editor’s Letter: Road Warriors

Discover how savvy retailers and marketers are effectively targeting the new jet-setters.

The MAC flagship in Times Square employs 64 makeup artists who collectively speak nine different languages. At Galeries Lafayette in Paris, signs in Mandarin share floor space with French communiqués. Arabic is the lingua franca at London’s key retail destinations like Harrods and Selfridges, while in Turkey, speaking Russian is fast becoming a job requirement for sales associates. As a thriving middle class emerges in developing countries like China and Brazil, these newly empowered citizens are traveling abroad in ever increasing numbers. And when they travel, tops on their list of activities is shopping. “We are more nomadic than we were 20 years ago,” Clinique’s Ricardo Quintero told me when I interviewed him for “Movers, Shakers & Shoppers.” “Today, you see the Chinese everywhere—they are traveling the world and learning the codes of Western luxury.” Discover how savvy retailers and marketers are effectively targeting the new jet-setters.

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Elsewhere in this issue devoted to all things retail, you’ll find an in-depth interview with Nars ceo Louis Desazars, who has powered the brand to double-digit growth globally; an update on serial entrepreneur Gail Federici and fantastic insights into the beauty industry at work and at play. I hope you enjoy it. Please drop me a line at jenny_fine@fairchildfashion. com and let me know.