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‘We Just Had a Baby’: Erika Jayne, Jerrod Blandino on Too Faced Collab

"It’s been kicking my stomach for a long time now," Blandino said.

Erika Jayne and Jerrod Blandino are proud new parents — of a makeup line.

The singer-slash-“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” member and the cofounder of Too Faced are finally ready to unveil the joint collection they first teased on social media nearly two years ago. In a highly animated phone interview, the two spoke — and squealed — about the line, which Jayne referred to as “a really glittery, pretty, glamorous baby.”

“This was the easiest collaboration I’ve ever done,” Blandino said. “[Erika] said, ‘I want a palette that I can go from living my normal life, housewife, into the stage presence superstar that I have to transition into.’ We all have a little Erika Jayne in us. She wanted to make sure she allowed for that transition.”

Erika Jayne x Too Faced is a sparkly, bold assortment consisting of an eye shadow palette, $45; two lip kits, $29; a highlighter, $30; Jayne’s take on Too Faced’s Lip Injection, $28, and a kissable body shimmer, $36, aptly titled “Pat the Puss.” The full line will be available on Too Faced’s web site starting Feb. 12, followed by a Feb. 17 Sephora launch in stores and online.

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The product and shade names are all references to Jayne’s one-liners and songs. She started publicly wearing the line — her first in the beauty world — last year. Having worn it on “Housewives” and throughout her debut three-month 2018 tour, she can attest that it is both drama-proof and performance-proof. The latter of these was a challenge for Blandino, as he hadn’t previously created a formula specifically for musical performances.

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“This palette has withstood nighttime, daytime, heat, cold, tears, even wore it to the epic baby shower that just happened over the weekend,” Jayne said. “This is a battle-tested palette, and there are many ways to go. You can take it up or take it down depending on where you’re going.”

Erika Jayne's Too Faced collaboration.
Erika Jayne’s Too Faced collaboration. Courtesy Image

Her “Housewives” and performance aesthetics vary — “they really are two separate entities” — but the palette, she said, embodies both.

“Everyday, I’m definitely softer, a little sweeter, a little more toned down, and then obviously when you’re on stage, everything is on steroids,” she said. “That’s what this collection offers. You can be two people at once.”

The collection, Blandino said, is “not for the faint of heart.” In case that wasn’t already clear, each item comes wrapped in an Eighties-inspired waring label, for good measure.

“We scandalized a few people so we ended up having to put warning labels on everything, which I think is hysterical,” = Blandino said. “It made me even happier when people were like, ‘We can’t sell that.’ People get scared. There’s a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, here. If you don’t get it, move on.”

His favorite product is the How Many F–ks Do I Give highlighter, named after Jayne’s 2016 song of the same name.

“Honey, you can see this thing from space,” he said of the product. “It’s a nuclear highlighter. It’s the most beautiful Champagne golden color that glazes you anywhere you want to get noticed, lights up a room and you literally look like a superstar.”

The body shimmer is a staple of Jayne’s, who had previously been mixing a variety of products to get the same effect.

“You look like the Photoshopped version of yourself,” she said of the product.

“And if your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to help you take it off with their tongue, well, ain’t nobody gonna mind,” Blandino concluded.