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Escentric Molecules Introduces Podcast

The digital push offers a more in-depth educational approach for the fragrance brand.

Niche fragrance brand Escentric Molecules has taken digital marketing and customer education to new territory with the launch of its new podcast.

The podcast, called “Molecast,” is available on the brand’s web site. For its inaugural episode, founder Geza Schoen discussed cashmeran, the starring note in the brand’s most recent launches, Molecule 05 and Escentric 05, which launched in March. As with Escentric Molecules’ past launches, which launch in twos, one fragrance is single-note, and the other pairs the starring note with other complementary scents. Molecule 05 showcases cashmeran by itself, while Escentric 05 couples the synthetic with other top and base notes.

Schoen said the approach enables the brand to educate customers on the fragrances and the brand overall. “We’ve covered most important topics around our product, as well as around our brand, and lots of little insides and background stories,” he said. “We’re within the trend of giving the client a narrative, because there are so many products on the market in each category. There’s such an overload, and you need to present yourself authentically and say, ‘This is what we do, this is our story, this is why we do what we do.’”

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Schoen is not the first industry entrepreneur to take on the growing space, which has gone through surges in audience with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Industry veteran Bobbi Brown has launched two, the most recent of which, dubbed “Beyond Beauty With Bobbi Brown,” launched earlier this year with iHeartRadio. Outside of beauty, Busy Philipps and Michelle Obama have also joined the ranks of podcast hosts.

Escentric 05 was meant to invoke a Mediterranean island. It focuses less on marine notes and more on the dry herbs that grow on the coast, with notes of fig, mastic, cypress and rosemary. Molecule 05 is the single-note fragrance, consisting only of cashmeran. This is the brand’s first launch since 2017.


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