NEW YORK — In the fragrance world, 14 years is, well, an Eternity.

So, after supporting its strong-selling Eternity masterbrand for the past decade-plus with an advertising campaign that was last updated in 1997, Unilever and Calvin Klein are unveiling a new approach.

“Eternity is by far our top priority,” said Hilary Dart, president of Calvin Klein Cosmetics. “With the brand still strongly maintaining its market share, we decided that now was the perfect time to freshen and update — but not change the positioning of — the brand’s image.” Eternity for Women launched in 1988, while the men’s counterpart was introduced the following year.

While previous campaigns focused on various permutations of love and were centered around beach images, the new version moves the playing ground into the house and onto the family. “This campaign focuses on significant moments in family life. The ads are designed to look like they’re pulled from a family album,” noted Dart. “Rather than full-page images, you’ll see smaller pictures on a page, with the tagline, ‘love, sweet love.’

That tagline is a reference to the Burt Bacharach song “What the World Needs Now is Love,” which is used in the TV ads, sung by Aimee Mann. “The song is a perfect tie-in for us,” said Dart, who noted that it is the first time that Calvin Klein’s TV advertising has included a song. “Fragrance has such an emotional connection, as does this song. We felt we could further leverage that ground by tying the fragrance to moments in everyday family life.”

The new campaign consists of four print ads and two TV ads, all created by New York-based advertising agency Kraftworks in collaboration with Calvin Klein’s in-house agency CRK. It also introduces a new face for Eternity for Men, Aaron Ward. The first print ad is for year-round use for the masterbrand, while three others focus on Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and celebration (for use at other holidays).

While the approach is new, there are several familiar faces on the campaign: model Christy Turlington continues her role as the Eternity woman, and the ads were photographed by Juergen Teller, who shot the previous Eternity ads. And, like all previous Eternity ads, the campagin is presented in black and white.

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The print ads are slated to appear in a wide range of magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Elle, In Style, Glamour, GQ, O, Child and Martha Stewart Living, beginning in February. The TV ads will also be released in February. Both the print ads and the TV ads will be presented globally in all of the brand’s 75 markets. Dart added that outdoor advertising will be part of the promotional plans in Europe, but not in the U.S.

While Dart would not comment on the cost of the campaign, industry sources estimated that the company would spend upward of $35 million this year, globally, on the campaign.