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‘Expensive’ Eyebrows and Monastic Ponytails Backstage at Carolina Herrera Fall 2020

"There's no pencils on these brows."

The beauty contingent backstage at Carolina Herrera on Monday had one mission — make models look rich.

The hair team spoke of “clean, rich hair,” while the key makeup artist talked about crafting “an expensive-looking eyebrow.”

The key to the “bespoke powder brow” it seems, is abstention from brow pencil in favor of softer powders, cool tones and clear brow gel.

“Everyone has incredibly groomed expensive brows,” said makeup artist Lauren Parsons, who used Herrera’s upcoming makeup collection on the models.

“An expensive-looking eyebrow looks the way that they should naturally. It’s almost as if you’ve won the genetic lottery,” she continued. “It’s a defined arch, it’s filling in areas that are maybe a little bit sketchy or patchy, but instead of doing it in an obvious way, we’re feathering through the product and setting it with either a colored gel or a clear gel, instead of going in with pencils — there’s no pencils on these brows.”

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In line with the inspiration — Spanish baroque paintings — Parsons used red, pink and orange lipsticks on models for a “painterly” look. Other models had plumped and highlighted skin, using a balm highlighter from Herrera’s makeup line.

For hair, Guido Palau, global creative director for Redken, used the brand’s newly relaunched Hair Cleansing Cream to get “clean, rich hair.” He instituted a center part, and created a low ponytail with hair pulled over models’ ears.

“It’s Carolina Herrera. It’s a very kind of chic, rich quality I’m looking for in the hair to reflect that kind of thing in the clothing,” Palau said. “The hair is quite monastic, meaning it’s quite austere in its simplicity. It’s amazing how ponytails — there’s so many variations of a ponytail. This one is like, painterly — it has a kind of austere quality. It goes over the ears, and it’s quite dramatic in its simplicity.”

Instead of winding hair around the elastic, Palau left it exposed, fearing that wrapped, “it might look too rich.”

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